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  2. i want to stick my butt up your cock
  3. question for tengaged
  4. hey I have your account
  5. +100 and I turn the tables
  6. can i self nominate in stars?
  7. I am in stars
  8. Who wants to g4g?
  9. My neighbours had an argument
  10. is it just me or?
  11. IPhone 8 rumours so far
  12. how much will iPhone 8 be?
  13. I fucking love this song
  14. Why is russ so underrated
  15. The dark truth about phineas and ferb (MUST READ)
  16. How long is "IT" remake gonna be?
  17. Best nightclub in ireland
  18. No one puts baby in the corner
  19. Name a TV show they should bring back
  20. Don't call me Nymphadora
  21. Miss Cornelia so much
  23. Someone said
  24. 900 ts and no one to gift
  25. Favourite Halloween movie?
  26. Only 124 days till christmas
  27. Don't you just hate
  28. WOW
  29. Randomize
  30. Who wants a gift?
  31. The Irish are coming mayweather
  32. Hungover af
  33. join plug
  34. join plug
  35. Has anyone else noticed
  36. MISSING!!!!
  37. My mum asked me
  38. You can't get infection in your bootyhole
  39. Re-watching Girls Trip

WHY IS HE BANNED?!?!?!??!?!?

Oct 17, 2015 by lexibear
#xxlovewakizaxx and how long for?


Sent by Brandt69,Oct 17, 2015

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