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  1. I’ve been off my meds since thursday
  2. u should be sad
  3. the Grammys haven’t been good for years
  4. their dicks are kinda big actually
  5. someone like me could be a real nightmare
  6. I smell good
  7. mommy jane is home y’all
  8. this is the first weekend I haven't gotten
  9. who wore it better
  10. I've never been uglier.
  11. im so annoyed
  12. prince vans
  13. 32D
  14. why do all my friends hate each other
  15. pyn
  16. I neg blogs that are snide and snark
  17. pyn and i'll put u in the order i'd date u
  18. it’s only 4am
  19. what do u see me as.
  20. I would die without u.
  21. I can’t believe ive been sleeping on halsey
  22. never have I ever
  23. negs turn me on
  24. I've been to every fuckin tribal
  25. they talk shit
  26. would've followed all the way 2 the graveyard
  27. gift me this.
  28. im a bitch and a boss
  30. fill fasting
  31. donations are welcome and appreciated
  32. don’t ever fucking speak to me again
  33. watch out for lexvoodoo y’all
  34. in the middle of the night, in my dreams
  35. I won’t let me get me
  36. No title
  37. im bored
  38. where's mine.
  39. ur such a fuckin hoe
  40. I know u like me obsessed black level.

I’m like

Dec 11, 2019 by lexeyjane
I thought I was the flippy floppy mixed message sender.


Sent by LovelyKiss,Dec 11, 2019

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