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  1. warm milk kinda snaps
  2. I’m like
  3. my first hunger win
  4. gabriel is a grinch.
  5. im like ...
  6. I can’t help that I’m a drama queen.
  7. my red nose is gone
  8. I’m like
  9. those noms are very telling.
  10. victim saint lexey.
  11. sitting pretty as per usual.
  12. fuck w me all u want
  13. I ain't bothered.
  14. fucking weirdos
  15. y’all tell me I’m pretty
  16. unfiltered me .///\
  17. yucky imagine peeing on urself in the shower .
  18. delusion continues in my pms
  19. cannot deal with delusions tonight ...
  20. I guess it is time....
  21. when a man tries to extort nudes from u ... :(
  22. harry styles is so hot
  23. please say u dream of me too
  24. where did u come from baby
  25. yay the public loves lexeyjane again
  26. thotting and plotting
  27. romance.
  29. pyn from an average rating from
  30. I am gorgina
  31. join survivor friends
  32. there is a certain tengaged participant
  33. LUNATIC!!!!!!!
  34. I need to find myself a friend
  35. u tell me that im complicated
  36. save me, or my good friend dev. ur choice!
  37. good afternoon.
  38. u are such a petty mean girl.
  39. my back is HURTING from carrying u
  40. Enrollment not possible.

if I don't have a special emoji by ur name

Nov 16, 2019 by lexeyjane
on snap, were not real friends.


Do I have an emoji? :0
Sent by Kelly2722,Nov 16, 2019
I preset it with a unicorn, so it’d be a major upset if I don’t
Sent by Kelly2722,Nov 16, 2019
u have 💕 kelly2722
Sent by lexeyjane,Nov 16, 2019
Sent by Kelly2722,Nov 16, 2019

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