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  1. romance.
  3. pyn from an average rating from
  4. I am gorgina
  5. join survivor friends
  6. there is a certain tengaged participant
  7. LUNATIC!!!!!!!
  8. I need to find myself a friend
  9. u tell me that im complicated
  10. save me, or my good friend dev. ur choice!
  11. good afternoon.
  12. u are such a petty mean girl.
  13. my back is HURTING from carrying u
  14. Enrollment not possible.
  15. have a mulet Christmas
  16. I love u all :)
  17. I love u
  18. I miss my lovey
  19. OMG I'm on call w
  20. I have a crush on someone.
  21. I wish I could date myself
  22. if I had to choose u or the sun
  23. hanging out the passenger side
  24. in the mood
  25. who wants to play stars w me tomorrow
  26. waits for ppl to be offended
  27. I’m not american but I’m still thankful for..
  28. queen
  29. all u bitches is precious.
  30. boys only want love if it's torture
  31. *sends this link to everyone I know*
  32. thank u for all the inquiries on my last blog
  33. who would like to date me.
  34. sad and lonely.
  35. I am sultry.
  36. when someone compliments taylor swift
  37. I love my life
  38. where did u come from baby
  39. save me
  40. artist of the decade.

the fact that Tyler James leaked my address

Nov 9, 2019 by lexeyjane
is totally unforgivable. he literally did this because I told him he’s being catfished and refuses to believe it. itsalexia grow up

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