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  1. sigh
  2. goodnight cuties
  3. why did u delete me from snap munchkin
  4. someone show their love
  5. what in the world y’all
  6. happy thanksgiving.
  7. who wants to be my lover
  8. who makes a better angel
  9. yall like my side boob
  10. who wants to call with me and my brother
  11. y'all weird
  12. time to get drunk!
  13. im playing sims 4.
  15. what in the world y’all!
  16. k and?
  17. wear my heart on my fist
  18. I was just thinking how it was weird
  19. keep my sweet name out of ur dirty mouth pls
  20. omg I wanted to join stars
  21. who wants to join stars with me :)
  22. I can’t wait to get drunk tomorrow
  23. omg I need this
  24. y’all like my avi
  25. Izzie Stevens.
  26. are u todays date?
  27. apparently someone I’ve never spoken to
  28. neigh bitches
  29. listen up Maturo.
  30. OMG back to back top fashionistas
  31. yay
  32. on a mission to position myself
  33. I can’t wait for tomorrow
  34. u look hot
  35. I wanna kiss a tengager
  36. yeah I got Wendy's.
  37. imagine filling ur profile with
  38. the birds work for the bourgeoisie
  39. omg nobody told me I was top fashionista
  40. u are so good baby

even after all these years

Sep 14, 2019 by lexeyjane
people still think me and maturo are dating


wait, we aren't?
Sent by maturo,Sep 14, 2019
Why ru on tg esp on your birthday
Sent by Sameed27,Sep 14, 2019
I just got home and I’m about to get drunk sameed27 don’t judge
Sent by lexeyjane,Sep 14, 2019
What alcoholic beverage is on the menu? (You better say tequila)
Sent by moonshine123,Sep 14, 2019
#maturojane will never die
Sent by paul028,Sep 14, 2019
#lexturo **
Sent by maturo,Sep 14, 2019

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