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  1. do u love me? ...
  2. y鈥檃ll rlly don鈥檛 deserve me.
  3. someone join hunger with me
  4. I love this sweet thing
  5. new man on the minnesota vikings!
  6. my Friday the 13th sucked
  7. babe I miss u
  8. I wouldn鈥檛 be so bored all the time
  9. try me and you鈥檒l regret it :)
  10. she鈥檚 perfect.
  11. aww today is his one year anniversary
  12. who wants to play stars with me next week
  13. gift me it鈥檚 my birthday
  14. do u like the boobs??
  15. (pic) y鈥檃ll are really truly obsessed huh
  16. omg rose mulet just followed me on twit
  17. if u need some entertainment
  18. its ok hunny
  19. I am perfect
  20. Don鈥檛 call me angel unless ur
  21. LETS HAVE A PARTY. !!!!!
  22. queen lexey
  23. ur handsome xo
  24. birthday sex!
  25. even after all these years
  26. stars support xo
  27. y鈥檃ll rlly neg me on my birthday.
  28. good morning.
  29. yeah I鈥檓 fucking crying at this blog
  30. I miss her my sweet doll face
  31. u likey?
  32. unbelievable on netflix is so good
  33. I鈥檓 eating
  34. quote of the day from my brother
  35. the best way to get rid of an enemy
  36. it鈥檚 my birthday tomorrow
  37. what鈥檚 happening in big brother
  38. yay I love Friday the 13th
  39. why're men great
  40. some of y鈥檃ll still don鈥檛 know

LOVER RANKING. from the number one swiftie

Aug 23, 2019 by lexeyjane
1. miss americana n the heartbreak prince
2. cruel summer
3. paper rings
4. i think he knows

5. cornelia street
6. lover
7. death by a thousand cuts
8. daylight
9. its nice to have a friend

馃憤 GOOD 馃憤
10. london boy
11. the archer
12. the man
13. afterglow
14. i forgot that u existed

馃檪 Not Bad 馃檪
15. you need to calm down

馃槵 Didn鈥檛 Really Land With Me 馃槵
16. false god
17. me!
18. soon youll get better


Sent by peace123,Aug 23, 2019
1. miss americana n the heartbreak prince


you need to fix the bottom 3 though... ME! is clearly 18... and False god is clearly top 3 <3
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 23, 2019
18. soon youll get better

Sent by mathboy9,Aug 23, 2019
I mean... I鈥檇 definitely shift a lot of these around but this isn鈥檛 a terrible ranking! Could be worse!
Sent by Kelly2722,Aug 23, 2019

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