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  2. omg I just learned that Jesse McCartney
  3. can u believe that me and
  4. is anybody else watching unbelievable on netflix
  5. I kinda wanna join stars
  6. lemme keep u company
  7. he’s so good to me ...
  8. I can’t wait to get drunk tonight
  9. why do u keep deleting me
  10. take me to lover fest
  11. my little brother rlly can’t take 100 secs
  12. don’t lexi/lexy/lexie just look so weird
  13. ANNOYED.
  14. I think I’m being sexually harassed at work
  15. why can’t u listen to more taylor
  16. OMFG I just clicked on my trash in mails
  17. some ppl on here are absurd imbeciles.
  19. do u love me? ...
  20. y’all rlly don’t deserve me.
  21. someone join hunger with me
  22. I love this sweet thing
  23. new man on the minnesota vikings!
  24. my Friday the 13th sucked
  25. babe I miss u
  26. I wouldn’t be so bored all the time
  27. try me and you’ll regret it :)
  28. she’s perfect.
  29. aww today is his one year anniversary
  30. who wants to play stars with me next week
  31. gift me it’s my birthday
  32. do u like the boobs??
  33. (pic) y’all are really truly obsessed huh
  34. omg rose mulet just followed me on twit
  35. if u need some entertainment
  36. its ok hunny
  37. I am perfect
  38. Don’t call me angel unless ur
  39. LETS HAVE A PARTY. !!!!!
  40. queen lexey

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Aug 21, 2019 by lexeyjane
I’m an underrated rookies player


Sent by NexusCain,Aug 21, 2019
100 percent agree @queen!
Sent by cantmanipulateme,Aug 21, 2019

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