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  2. pyn and I’ll tell u who ur valentine is
  3. b my valentine?
  4. thank u anon
  5. some of y’all have to much hate
  6. i'd go to hell n back
  7. here are my rankings.
  8. natalie going home is so bad
  9. Parvati Shallow.
  10. ok so I got cbs all access this year.
  11. we love our fans, we do.
  12. #TheRobloxGang
  13. #TheRobloxGang
  14. #TheRobloxGang
  15. #TheRobloxGang
  16. ooooo I see some of y’all
  17. it’s hard to tell sometimes
  18. Listen here cuntbag
  19. I will not befriend a liar.
  20. i'm dressed for ur funeral.
  21. that frookies was full of the dumbest
  22. I must say I do enjoy u
  23. I’ve been dreaming every night
  24. since y'all are not going to stop asking me
  25. stars support.
  26. I just changed my number 1 friend
  27. I'm targeting whomever voted for
  28. I can’t tell if I’m tired
  29. red is Taylor’s best album.
  30. me @ top blogs being less than 100 points
  31. y'all obsessed lol
  32. im rooting for u
  33. Im in love with you
  34. leave me a nice comment
  35. I just had the most fucked up
  37. bet on me if u wanna double ur t$
  38. sweet girl u don't deserve that
  39. y'all are so dramatic.
  40. I’m so pretty

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Aug 21, 2019 by lexeyjane
I’m an underrated rookies player


Sent by NexusCain,Aug 21, 2019
100 percent agree @queen!
Sent by cantmanipulateme,Aug 21, 2019

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