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  1. my avi?
  2. i love u all
  3. say it uh gain luv, i fuckin dare yuh
  4. join survivor
  5. who else is tired of my attitude
  7. am i a hero or a villain?
  8. he just wanna eat me like some candy
  9. I love u
  10. proof is in the pudding
  11. what am I known for :)
  12. I rlly ruin all my relationships
  13. i love u all
  14. I love u
  15. how did I let u go 18 years
  16. u are a demon
  17. anyone wanna watch
  18. I am such an angel.
  19. what the fuck
  20. momma didn’t raise no bitch.
  21. does any1 wanna call
  22. im bored
  23. do I blog too much?
  24. I rlly make a blog saying I’m back
  25. im back bitches.
  26. "i wish i could insult lexey,
  27. imgur is toxic.
  28. pyn
  29. happy not knowing.
  30. avenge me in stars
  31. there's a lot of lame guys out there
  32. u don't want my love
  33. i know i slayed that stars
  34. I’ve rlly NEVER survived a poll
  35. forever haunted by u
  36. VLOG
  37. vlog incoming.
  38. hi slorp
  39. good morning dollies
  40. trouble's gunna follow where i go

pls kill me

May 11, 2019 by lexeyjane


Me first
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sure thing buddy
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