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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stFeb 3, 2021 by lemonface
imageand ill tell you why YOU should save ME in stars RIGHT NOW!!!!

#kingb24 - we both stan evelynn (likely in a sexual way) due to her performance in K/DA MORE

#ARTPOP2 - Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga.  I think she's a really interesting artist.

#iiGalaxyii - i have ALSO chosen sabrina carpenter's side in the teenage love triangle drama, TASTE!

#cutieamy - WELL FUCK U THEN. SPITS!

#jermainecole1 - because i stan you for being there for me when nobody else was, i was SHAKING at the unknown "frinbox" until you told me what it meant. thank u so much.

#chic - cuz i actually love ur youtube channel and was high as fuck watching u bleach your roots and i LOVED it! also glad u didnt die when u fell through that roof that one time

#becksta20 - because we are BOTH BECKSTAS! and share a love of TRUE CRIME!

#florina - because i haven't eaten in 4 days, can u relate?

#jdog - because you OWE me and i'll no longer want you dead after you refused to shoot #mradamman12 in hunger games YES im SALTY. but u can be forgiven...

#amandabynes - because im pretty

#brandonator - because i appreciate you helping me grow as a person and educating me on why ordering burger king on door dash was honestly ignorant of me and it has never happened again

#cheritaisdelicious - because obviously we r just frenemies who say mean things 2 each other for a laugh on the blog page... but deep down we support each other..

#anthousai - because i still think about how precious u are and i gave up my THG life for you instead of playing by dictator jacksonjoseph99's whack rules!!!! (love u jj, u save me too haha)

#TURKEYLOVER - LMFAO NO IM SORRY because i always comment LEMON LEE CURTIS on things and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

#druu - because id be really sad if you didn't

#jessie_ - because we have just declared friendship and i was rooting for your return after your UNFAIR ban!

kindred7 - because you are the president of my fan club and you would be REMISS in your duties if you did not. also i was wondering where u were cuz i knew i could count on you...

cruelsummer - because i loved your blog idea about lowering the T$ prices, it's something i've always thought randomize should do!! shit is too expensive! hope he listens x

rowjone - because i respect you and would NEVER tag you as 'rowjane' and i will happily fight anyone that would!

davelooney - dont test me i will literally make that pic of u crying my pollbox pic

typhlosion37 - because my sausage mcmuffins cost like 2x more than yours its not right

tycoon1234 - because i actually still think about it that blog you made with that long ass email to your teacher catching up and i thought it was just so cute and nice... LMAO

crimsonteer - because you have a paper mario: the thousand year door gif in your profile and i believe that is legitimately the best game ever made

lovelykiss - if you read this im free on Thursday night and would like to hang out. Please respond to this and then hang out with me on Thursday night when I鈥檓 free.

jamesm - because u wouldnt let me ask to get evicted

jujubee - because i had dinner with jujubee in real life and she was lovely

insanity - because i just updated this just for you after you harassed me <3

bunnycat - because im waiting for you on this discord call even though im so tired and thirsty and also ily xo

smi9127 - vipers 4 lyfe!!

broncman789 - for nostalgia! #oldschool

minie - cuz though i didnt actually say that screenshot about fatties, doesn't mean i don't agree.... ;)

xryn0618 - i actually dont want you to save me. since u never have before in league of legends.

shayybayy - because i have had really bad heartburn for a week

joshgillespie - cuz i love that ur in the clowingtons frat and that #zeptis calls you josh gillies- pie

allison - because ill hire you as my realtor and MAYBE. consider tbb4(?) for a fraction of a second

kinggeek - ily cuz

peterya - my dog is cute

colincoco - im cute

bb5lover - cuz when we were 16 we were besties and used to cal and frooks all the time and that was a very fun and wholesome time for me...

yoshicoolman - because we both stan akali (i miss the old one) and i refuse to play any mario game if i cant be yoshi

kmartt - because your love of boy bands speaks to my own heart, specifically BSB, as i demanded my little brother be named brian after brian from BSB. And he was.

cinzi_lov - BECAUSE ILY!! you are an icon and under appreciated.

gabrieltrezza - because it is what the deer you hit and killed would have wanted.

singsongers - cuz i wanted to slay with you in that bb blog game but you were taken too soon...


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artpop 2
Sent by ARTPOP2,Feb 3, 2021
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turkey lee curtis
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 3, 2021
I am not going to
Sent by CutieAmy,Feb 3, 2021
jermaine cole
Sent by jermainecole1,Feb 3, 2021
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Me :)
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convince me.
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yes mam
Sent by anthousai,Feb 3, 2021
not you skipping me omg i'm evicting you now
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 3, 2021
Sent by druu,Feb 3, 2021
Sent by Jessie_,Feb 3, 2021
Lmao there鈥檚 no way you can go up with that cast
Sent by Kindred7,Feb 3, 2021
Sent by CruelSummer,Feb 3, 2021
Sent by rowjone,Feb 3, 2021
i owe u nothing
Sent by DaveLooney,Feb 3, 2021
Do it. I don鈥檛 have the ability to feel anymore
Sent by DaveLooney,Feb 3, 2021
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ye aok
Sent by Minie,Feb 3, 2021
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Lmao yay
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i already saved you cuz!
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