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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


15thJan 25, 2021 by lemonface
i AM a simp for randomize!

"Yes, it's not easy... nothing works perfectly.
Ideas welcome,... please be positive.  I still thinking Tengaged has done lot of good things to many of us, it's a strong community, lets find ways to keep it safe."

he is so cute how can u read this and not just go... AWWWWW...

yeah MAYBE he's ignored the site and let some weird shit slide for way too long...

but dont u wanna just pinch his little spanish cheeks??


dont listen to the haters carlos

your true fans are still here for u
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021
Is this what playing league does to you
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 25, 2021
LMFAO konohavillage1...  sometimes middle aged spanish men with broken english just DO something for you...

this is one of those times, for me.
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021
I am the good things he is talking about
Sent by DaveLooney,Jan 25, 2021

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