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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

has there ever

Jan 25, 2021 by lemonface
actually been a GOOD moderator???

the only one i can think of is literally queen noelsarah


jubbzy was pretty good too but I think he only did game stuff
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Yaxha,Jan 25, 2021
Jubbzy made the site fun for a while
Sent by smi9127,Jan 25, 2021
justme was a good lass
Sent by druu,Jan 25, 2021
tea i loved jubbzy but i felt he could be a little biased at times

yaxha true i think ghoul tried his best ppl were just never happy with anything!
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021
yes jubbzy ghoul and noelsarah
Sent by Slice,Jan 25, 2021
i was like best friends with ghoul and hes still ban and blacklist me and removed my blogs lol he kept it real
Sent by Yaxha,Jan 25, 2021
I was on call with jubbzy once and jokingly said ban me and he did for 24 hours now that I think of it
Sent by smi9127,Jan 25, 2021
i once played a game of epicmafia and jubbzy was in it and he was getting voted out

he got angry and started saying "BITCH I'M E-FAMOUS"
Sent by JamesM,Jan 25, 2021
LMAO yeah smi9127 jamesm i think jubbzy was good but he just didnt take it THAT seriously i remember him drunk on call once like telling me stuff he probably shouldnt have told about random shit (i can't remember the details, but it was like ongoing game stuff he was doing)
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021

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