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i have to say it

Dec 17, 2020 by lemonface
imagei HATE peppa pig

that bitch is just as pompous entitled and annoying as caillou but NEVER gets the hate that bald headed lil weasel gets

whats the deal?

im officially starting the uprising against peppa pig who will join?


ur the better pink person
Sent by Singsongers,Dec 17, 2020
thank u she is SO UGLY singsongers
Sent by lemonface,Dec 17, 2020
your avi literally looks like her the fuck
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 17, 2020
turkeylover ???
Sent by lemonface,Dec 17, 2020
I agree about Peppa Pig, but omg don't shade Caillou like that LOL. Didn't he have cancer? I am pretty sure that is why he was bald in the first place lemonface
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 17, 2020
LMFAO no skyler1822 he was just dumb ugly and bald
Sent by lemonface,Dec 17, 2020
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 17, 2020
You know who else I cannot stand lemonface? Dora the explorer or whatever she calls herself. I mean isn't her neck super strained because of how she faces and positions her head?!? She just irritates me. I feel sorry for the kids of today because they don't really have anything good to watch LMAO xP
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 17, 2020
LMFAO true she's so annoying too skyler1822... her and her lord farquad haircut.
Sent by lemonface,Dec 17, 2020
Sent by lemonface,Feb 11, 2021

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