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im at my breaking point

1stDec 8, 2020 by lemonface
imagei joined a casting for a good fun time only to have it be one of the worst experiences of my life

im not exaggerating when i tell you that the challenge has been SUM ME for 5 days straight

my key stalking and my methodical posting at every single update will all be for nothing because my pea brain truly cannot comprehend  3 - 2 + 1 + 3 -2 -2 in the 0.5 seconds it gives you to do it

i think im going to leave tengaged once the game is over.


Me when Sum Me is one of my only favorites of the new comps................
Sent by Phenomanimal,Dec 8, 2020
meanwhile a new player is scoring 165 every time

shakes at my 117 with full time
Sent by lemonface,Dec 8, 2020
LMAO not sum me being the breaking point. queen
Sent by Heavenlee,Dec 8, 2020
lemonface just cancel numbers out
Immediately cancel out the first and last 2
Now you’re just looking at 1+3–2 which is much easier
Sent by Letal,Dec 8, 2020
i try to letal but i can't do it fast enough and i panic LMFAO
Sent by lemonface,Dec 8, 2020
The earth is healing
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 8, 2020
@lemomface I panic during all the other comps lol sum me is the only one I’m relaxed in. You do my other comps I’ll do your sum me Comp? Deal?
Sent by Letal,Dec 8, 2020
Lol ikr! It’s so hard 😩
Sent by BlueStar,Dec 8, 2020
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 8, 2020
I agree. I didn't sign up here to do math..... I mean numbers was okay though.
Sent by woeisme,Dec 8, 2020
as a witness, and a victim, it's as bad as lemonface says it is
Sent by Jujubee,Dec 8, 2020
I do the sum first and then the sustraction
Sent by iCristian,Dec 8, 2020
sucks to not run with the same luck as our all stars experience, u woulda been sweeped out so fast
Sent by sihz,Dec 8, 2020
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Dec 8, 2020
It’s too fast!! If only they gave us more time
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 8, 2020
sum me and count me sucks so baddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Sent by Minie,Dec 8, 2020
Sent by ManDivo,Dec 9, 2020
sum me was my breaking point too
Sent by Patrick319,Dec 9, 2020
you are so funny omg
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Dec 9, 2020

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