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who is an actual noob

Sep 1, 2020 by lemonface
that needs the hair in shops??

i finally got off tengaged welfare and feel like getting back on it


Sent by Letal,Sep 1, 2020
Sent by salmaan,Sep 1, 2020
me plzzzzzzzz
Sent by MicklePickle20,Sep 1, 2020
chris does!
Sent by lmaobrit2214,Sep 1, 2020
me !
Sent by Singsongers,Sep 1, 2020
Sent by kittykatz553,Sep 1, 2020
or emily5088
Sent by kittykatz553,Sep 1, 2020
Lemon plz me i need it to match with becksta20
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Sep 1, 2020
im an actual noob but I dont need the hair !
Sent by JasonXtreme,Sep 1, 2020
ok im poor again now...

love u all.. will consider you for the next time i have $$ in like 6 months
Sent by lemonface,Sep 1, 2020
Omg thank you so much lemonface !! And thanks kittykatz553 for suggesting me 馃挄
Sent by Chels052_,Sep 1, 2020

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