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Ranking My Friends List (#2)

Aug 6, 2018 by lassidoggy
image#2- mastropola

Mastro, Kelly, Queen of Low Insulin and High Expectations.. Remember when we’d play Skype games together and every time you said we were in an alliance and like 95% of the time you’d blindside me? Lol and remember the time you called me but I didn’t wanna talk so you legit talked to me and I typed out my answers? That was like five years ago lol but honestly, y’all can count on Mastro to have hot takes on everything, and I don’t think he’s ever truly been wrong. :p



I'll take the 100 thousand you know how I feel!

I gifted you that mop of a weave youre wearing too, but hmu gal pal!
Sent by mastropola,Aug 6, 2018

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