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got my account BACK Jan 13, 2019
for that person who tried to hack it lol
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CBBUK really flopped Aug 21, 2018
* Spent their budget on Stormy Daniels, who backed out
* Then they got the only person there that's kinda almost a celeb, Kirstie Alley, who's boring as shit
* The only other person notable, Natalie Nunn, is getting evicted

Thank god CBBUK is getting cancelled.
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Y’all aren’t realizing Aug 17, 2018
That Haleigh TRIED to convince Fessy to not go after Scottie, but Faysal is too much of a meathead to see otherwise.

Haleigh is a queen with bad allies
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Bayleigh might not have won Aug 14, 2018
but she’s gonna be making at least $500 from Swaggy C for the next 18 years, so who’s the real winner here?
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BB20 Cast Rankings Aug 12, 2018
1. Haleigh
2. Rockstar
3. Scottie
4. Faysal
5. Sam
6. Kaycee
7. Tyler
8. Angela

Probably forgetting someone but you know what, they weren’t important
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Who tf cares about Aug 9, 2018
@steve2480 or whoever? Fine I'll take your 0.1 T if you're desperate enough to comment, but goddamn.
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