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Seriously the next freaking crooks

Nov 25, 2014 by lanikai
is mine!!!!
I've waited so freaking long.....this game was scheduled for Sunday, its freaking Tuesday. I was stalking the darn thing since Sunday morning early but the minute I got up, someone would start a new game......its so annoying.

People have just been snagging up the darn games, even someone who "claims" to be my friend......ahhhh but what the heck the worst is watching some noob having a freaking BIRTHDAY CHARITY like WTF!!!!

I hate to see people having stupid ass charities just so that they can gain Ts, karma and level up.....if I did that shit I'd be a freaking Tv star by now.

Ugh at me here waiting for this stupid ass game to fill.......


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Ok LANI :)
Sent by jojo7784,Nov 25, 2014
I don't have a problem with you at all but here is my only problem with your blog, a charity is a charity regardless of what it is for, so in my opinion if you support a charity to level up just because it is your 300th game, you have to support every type of charity! I rarely ever support charities because of that reason, this is a big brother game site, not the Humane society
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Still plussed though
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Well the way I see it shabootyquiqui3
100th game, 200th or even 300th are all milestones on tengaged but don't tell me your birthday is a milestone on tengaged because half of the people don't give a damn and what does your birthday have to do with tengaged?
But we all have our opinions and I understand your point.
Sent by lanikai,Nov 25, 2014

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