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  1. Haven't watched a full big brother season in years
  2. :)
  3. :*
  4. Have I missed anything or...
  5. Fairly sure my skype was hacked
  6. Hello
  7. Still alive
  8. ???
  9. I refused to let Corey renom all game and Labobble..
  10. Getting a nice long rest tonight
  11. Dev is the best frooks player on tengaged
  13. Jetsrock please stop negging my blogs
  14. I don't need your pussy
  15. This stars
  16. On the next installment of
  17. Feeling ever so horny
  18. I have a very underrated ass
  19. Something about tengaged
  20. Just locked in Eli Ortiz
  21. Xenophobia jajajajajajajajajaja
  22. Yes, she drivin' me crazy (Yeah)
  23. So...
  24. Cutest tengaged couple
  25. Intensely horny
  26. Xenophobia jajajajajajajajajaja
  27. I'm having a comfy day
  28. Who wants to have the sex
  29. Join vivor :)
  30. Full support in stars goes to
  31. Stars king
  32. This is MY month
  33. *whips out penis*
  34. Imma have a lot more time for this site this month
  35. Girl you driving me craaaazy
  36. Happy Halloween
  37. Just pulled back my foreskin
  38. Is it sleep time tengaged?
  39. Boston is the greatest sports city
  40. To Catch A Predator: Tengaged

I need more friends now

Jul 20, 2014 by labobble

#adampaulgrant is leaving soon
#icarus_mark is gone
#Megan is hardly online
#Thumper91 wont talk to me
#MitchTheMachine is never online
#Lunapark Doesn't play games anymore and is never ative when I am
#HoneyBunch1 never talks to me anymore
#skyler1822 forgot who I am
#munkeyboy18 nothing wrong with you we still talk and is a great host you should check his groups out
#owlb0ned I have no fucking clue why you are on my friends list


add me as a friend
Sent by lamontlamar1998,Jul 20, 2014

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