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KDBB2 Week 6

Oct 17, 2019 by kyledd
Previously on #KDBB2, bklimas was giving the boot by a vote of 4-2, but before he could walk out of the house, Big Brother revealed that when Hunterhansen16, kevinlord190, zacped, parkerstack7 and NanoNerd were evicted they didn't go home. Instead they each boarded a lifeboat numbered 1-20. And now Captain FireX was tasked with bringing a lifeboat back on board. He wasn't aware of which lifeboat sat which evictee. It was then revealed that if he brought back an empty lifeboat bklimas would stay in the game. Captain FireX brought back Lifeboat 7 which contained no one, which meant bklimas bobbed right back in the game. The house was then told that the class and captain twist was officially over and they had reached the jury stage.

At the "Inside the Pursers Cabin" HOH Competition, noah_kondon counted his third win! Moments Later at the nomination ceremony, he nominated AlejandroWalker for his lack of trust and being a comp beast, and nominated FireX since he's been gunning for him since week 1.

On Day 17, AlejandroWalker, Bvance1212, Skimmilk4, BadgirlsClubfan, and noah_kondon competed in the "And the Veto Goes to..." Veto Competition. In this competition, the Houseguests played elimination style, but when they were eliminated they got to pick an Oscar, which they could keep or trade for any already revealed Oscar. The winner was able to pick from any Oscar, including the Power of Veto Oscar.
In the end,  FireX looks fire with the Best Costume Oscar, and had to dress up as Rose from the Titanic for a week, AlejandroWalker walked away with the Social Butterfly Oscar, he can no longer compete in any more Veto Competitions for the remainder of the game. BadGirlsClubfan got the Shipwreck Oscar, and immediatly dived down after the competition, noah_kondon got the Comp Beast Oscar and will be allowed to compete in all the remaining competitions, skimmilk4 received the Best Director Oscar and chose which Veto we were playing for and bvance1212 won his first competition this season, and won the Forced Power of Veto.

Later that evening, bvance1212 saved AlejandroWalker from eviction and noah_kondon nominated BadGirlsClubfan in his place, trying to flush whatever power she received in the Shipwreck.

Who will be evicted from the #KDBB2 House? FireX or BadGirlsClubfan? And who will rise to power in the next HOH Competition and what exactly is "The King of the World"

Find out tomorrow, 10/18 @ 6pm EST.


U know it’s too many twists when I figure it’s 2 weeks based on the length but is just 1
Sent by noah_kondon,Oct 17, 2019
noah_kondon says the guy who has an ad
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