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KDBB2 Week 3, 4 and 5 Oh My!

Oct 14, 2019 by kyledd
Previously on the last few weeks of #KDBB2 @AlejandroWalker, @skimmilk4, @Badgirlsclubfan, @NanoNerd & @Noah_Kondon competed in the "Plunder for Letters" Veto Competition, and @Nanonerd proved he was a nerd and won the Power of Veto, he chose not to use it.

On Day 10, @Parkerstack7 was parked outside the house in a vote of 6-2. The Houseguests then learned that Brian's safety was officially over, the classes could now nominate each other and a poll would open during the HOH comp where the winner of 1st class would earn safety for the week, the winner of 2nd class would receive a punishment and the winner of 3rd class would be the 3rd nominee. The Houseguests then competed in the "Never Let Go" Head of Household Competition. At this competition it was played in eight rounds with a houseguest getting eliminated in each round. The first five houseguests to be eliminated would chose from a block of ice that contains either a prize or a punishment. @LaGafas was the first one eliminated and he received a punishment that he would have to sit out of the next HOH Comp, @Tester was the next one eliminated and he received a punishment of not being able to vote in the next eviction, @Bklimas was the third one eliminated and he recieved a prize that he would be visiting the shipwreck this week. @badgirlsclubfan was the fourth one eliminated and she was required to sit out of this weeks veto competition. @AlejandroWalker was the fifth eliminated and he was required to wear an icesuit for the next week. Ulimately, @Noah_Kondon never let go and grabbed that HOH Key! The poll was over and it was revealed that @Noah_Kondon won the poll and was granted safety, even though he no longer needed it. @Bvance1212 won the 2nd class poll and was given a punishment of being "Frozen" for a week and would not be able to compete in the Veto, Vote at the eviction or compete in the next HOH. Finally, @Tester, from 3rd class, was named the 3rd nominee. Shortly after the competition, @bklimas entered the Shipwreck and claimed the Telegraph prize, which allowed him to stop any upcoming HOH or Veto from happening and be crowned the winner until six players remain. Shortly after @noah_kondon nominated @bklimas and @FireX alongside @Tester.

On Day 11, @Bklimas used his power from the Shipwreck to stop the veto competition and claim the Power of Veto. @Noah_Kondon then nominated @NanoNerd in his place.

On Day 13, the birthday boy @NanoNerd blew out his candles and was evicted by a vote of 3-1-1. Sparking a major house meeting blow up. The Houseguests calmed down for a minute to compete in the "Women and Children First" Competition and @AlejandroWalker walked himself to a win. However, before he could make his nominations it was revealed that this week's evictee would have a 75% chance of staying in the game. Later that evening, @AlejandroWalker nominated @bklimas and @Tester for eviction.

On Day 14, @Noah_Kondon was the winner of "Telegram Me a Veto" Competition.

On Day 15, @Noah_Kondon saved @Tester from eviction and @AlejandroWalker nominated @LaGafas in his place.

Who will be evicted from the #KDBB2 house, @Bklimas or @LaGafas and will they even leave? And who will rise to power in the next Head of Household Competition?

Find out tomorrow on #KDBB2

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