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Just to be clear Mar 1, 2021
imageEmma Watson portrayed a pedophile in this movie by Tengaged standards?
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Are there seriously people Mar 1, 2021
Saying an 18-19 year old liking a 15-16 is pedophilia?????? That鈥檚 literally a senior dating an underclassmen which happens all the time, doesn鈥檛 make them a predator just means they are too lame to ask another senior.

Edit: lol y鈥檃ll were clearly all single in high school
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It鈥檚 so weird Mar 1, 2021
Seeing a mid range top blog in the 500鈥檚
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I wish I had Feb 26, 2021
Three grown men talking about the best ways to punish me all night
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Important announcement Feb 14, 2021
To all Canadians, please stop sending us all your weather, I鈥檓 freezing my left tit off out here
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Screw you pal Feb 14, 2021
Points: 30 3 comments