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No title

Feb 13, 2019 by koolness234
>Roshy Wes and I did not vote you and neither did Mdavis or Nightcore because they both asked me if the vote was you and I said no the vote was redkanto. So yeah you are fucking mistaken stop claiming people voted you when they didnt. Unlike you Red I dont go around throwing lies, out ever other merge. You continually lied and throw a fit when shit didnt go your way. Because your ass cant be fucking honest about anything.
>Furthermore, Nightcore nor Roshy threw last dc sometimes shit happens and scores save fucking 0. So yeah dont throw out pointless accusations at people, especially when everyone on both tribes left kwno your word is worth absolute shit because you go lying and being fake to people on multiple occasions, and then whine when people call you out for being a chronic liar, who has a hard time being honest with anything.
>Also when I had you has an ally you lied to my face, about the vote and then voted me out. Sorry your plan fucking failed, furthermore you came crying this merge saying Ill be loyal we can work together, and then just bitch and moan about shit when I never fucking voted you out this merge.
>Id rather have you as an enemy because, you have shown time and time again that you have nobodys back but yours and will literally vote off anyone if it gets you another 40 fucking karma. You treat people like tool and then lie to their face and then expect that people want to work with you.
>Maybe you would have more allies if you didnt go selfishly eating every dc, while bitching and moaning about not having in fire or sun, and then the moment their is fire and sun gobble it all up yourself. Maybe you would have more allies, if you didnt go around lying and voting people off every merge and then expecting them to be nice to you after you lie and try to get them voted out.
>Maybe you would have more allies if you didnt go throwing out baseless accusations about people throwing when you know Roshy and Nightcore didnt throw to get you voted off.
>But once again it is another sob Redfabfoxy story. Who can go around doing anything they want, and the moment someone calls them out on it the get all whiny and defensive. The reason you are "alone" is because you show no remorse for any actions, and you constantly lie out your ass. You isolated yourself, I was nice to you this merge because I wanted to believe you truly were a nice person. However, I and everyone on the tribe can see the only person you care about is yourself.
>Maybe in the future a little less whining, lying and being a selfish twat and maybe people would be more incline on working with you.
>Hard to have you as an ally when multiple you lied to people.

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