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Budtatoes Pokemon Region

Feb 7, 2019 by koolness234
Based off the always toxic Budtatoes Chat

Gym Leader Birks4444 Bug Type
Battle Line " I've raised these Pokemon since they were little, I am a lot stronger than I appear
Gym Leader s73100 and Paige54 Water Type
Battle Line " Prepare to end up shipwreck courtesy of Tropical Storm Paige73100
Gym Leader Moxii Fairy Type
           -Alolan Ninetails

Battle Line: I raise only the prettiest and strongest Pokemon I fine. We will look good while crushing you
Gym Leader Blujay112 Flying Type

Battle Line: My Pokemon and I and are untouchable, We soar miles above the competition
Gym Leader Maxi1234 Normal Type
            -Heart Trim Furfrou
            -Mega Lopunny

Battle Line: Sigh another mediocre challenge from a rather boring challenger, Let's hope your Pokemon show more promise
Gym Leader M_davis1998 Steel Type
            -Wormadan Trash Cloak
            -Mega Scizzor

Battle Line: If you lose you have to sign up for 1984 season 2
Gym Leader GrrrImaBear Fighting Type
           -Mega Blaziken

Battle Line: You will pay a heavy cost for interrupting my date with Cedes
Gym Leader j2999 Fire Type
          -Mega Charizard X

Battle Line: Sorry, I cant see you standing there with how bright I shine

Elite Four Bluejay7622 Electric Type
         -Rotom Mow
         -Mega Ampharos

Battle Line: Your challenge will end before it starts, I never lose prepare to be shocked into submission
Elite Four BigBrotherDonny Psychic Type
            -Mega Gallade

Battle Line: LISA!!!
Elite Four Koolness234 Ice Type
            - Mega Abomasow

Battle Line: Who let such a weak challenge through, Oh well I will bury your team under a mountain of Ice

Elite Four alanb1 Grass Type
          -Mega Venasaur

Battle Line: I love my Pokemon and that's all that matters.
Champion Peace123
          - Mega Gengar

Battle Line: Not amused

Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 7, 2019
I'm killing it with miss Lopunny!
Sent by Maxi1234,Feb 7, 2019
Me snagging up mew the only pokemon I know
Sent by peace123,Feb 7, 2019
Love that ty king x
Sent by J2999,Feb 7, 2019
Sent by Paige54,Feb 7, 2019

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