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  1. I know I am a little late
  2. I had a girl
  3. First Week in China
  4. I am sorry
  5. Dont forget
  6. Yall should have known
  7. Just a little bit insulted
  8. After 3 fucking days
  9. I just made it to San Fran
  10. So I am chilling at the airport
  11. The day is finally upon me
  12. Is it just me
  13. I will give you your damn
  14. Coreyants
  15. Shaking
  16. Excited
  17. I dont ruin charities
  18. Live footage
  19. I think it is harder for unpopular players to get..
  20. Listen
  21. Throwback
  22. I will get you all back
  23. Who is going to be up at 5am
  24. Remember
  25. Me proofreading
  26. Anyone else
  27. Thanks for all the bday wishes
  28. Honestly
  29. RIP
  30. For every 30 points
  31. On a scale of 1 to 10
  32. Who do you all have filtered
  33. Imagine
  34. Who else loves
  36. It took them two years
  37. Pyn
  38. Yuumi
  39. The funniest thing

Always baffles me

Feb 6, 2019 by koolness234
When people in stars say the pubic isnt in the game, when they decide the winner and all the evictions. Seems like they are in the game somewhat because you literally need their vote to win????


Sent by Iceey,Feb 6, 2019
if you dont wanna lose dont join lol its that simple :P
Sent by Thumper91,Feb 6, 2019
I mean they ain’t wrong.
We get a VOTE, that doesn’t mean we KNOW what’s happening like peopl that aren’t in the game claim they do.
Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 6, 2019
daddydev us knowing what is happening in the game is irrelevant, what matter is how the public perceives the game and nothing more and nothing less. We all know they dont know the inner working but information is irrelevant 9/10 when deciding the winner. So if the public perceives something and it is inaccurate then it is up to the player to clarify or not clarify that information depending on if it suits their game. Sitting and saying well your not in the game you dont know that they are talking about is extremely shortsighted strategy that wont net you a lot of saves or a win
Sent by koolness234,Feb 6, 2019

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