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I honestly am a little confused

4thJan 11, 2019 by koolness234
On who we send reports to, because in the past blogs you said to send them to admin Kandee_ and in the past reports were never meant to be sent to the moderators personal account, and I was under the impression that is how it still was. Yet it is confusing since you blog about moderation issues and such, and are online trying to get games to fill while the admin accounts is sitting at 4 days despite multiple people saying multiple bannable slurs.

Are you locked out of the account again, or are we just sending stuff and report to your personal account now?

I would like to report something, so do I send it on over to the Kandee_ account or to admin


thanks for evicting me kandee_  admin @yeeeeeet
Sent by Hash,Jan 11, 2019
they were never locked out of admin, just locked out of the panel
I don’t think they are locked out of the panel because multiple people were banned yesterday
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by coreyants,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 11, 2019
Report it to Admin as usual!
Sent by Kandee_,Jan 11, 2019

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