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I am bored at work PYN

2ndMar 6, 2018 by koolness234
So post your name for an opinion from me

Kaylabby I do not have any ongoing problems with you. I have not had contact with you since TBB1 were I found you highly immature. I doubt you still are immature though because people change. Also I did not really talk to you in the game so maybe it was a false perception.

melindaMrskk I actually like you a lot however sometimes your snap stories can be thotty and long, but other than that you are a great person

Maxi1234 I find you hilarious however we have not had that much interaction I remember playing Pokemon with now katherinepierce and us making fun of him for trying to a poison move on my steel pokemon. GOD WHAT A NERD. I know many people find you attractive maybe I will when you can beat me in a pokemon battle

GoodKaren Not much contact with you however I always see you being positive and have never seen you be nasty on this site which means you are a steady headed non despicable human being

Evaa1996 I dont really know you that much however, if you are friends with King allison then you must be an icon

titoburitto I honestly find you hilarious you can be a tad trashy and a hot mess at times so we have that in common. I love Tito's Tea or whatever it is keep it up. A bit mad you have not asked me to interview for it. I do think sometimes you get a little thotty for online guys but who doesnt

cornelia My gif link would not work. But you know how much I adore you in a non homo way. Sorry lad aint my type I know you are devastated. I hope life is going well you deserve it because you really are a bright optimistic person.

Arris I love your daily snaps I sometimes get your hair is always on fleek. Also glad you arnt afraid of showing your foot fetish off. NOW FIGHT ME IN BINB LOSER

_Adidas_ I hope you do not hate me for kicking you off ENDURANCE TENGAGED for having to cross the border I love watching you compete in other orgs. Honestly dont be disappointed cause the org flopped because I flop at time management. I think you are a optimistic person so good luck in life

Thirteen I have never disliked you sometimes you annoy me because you can be a tad creepy and over react. However, I think you are an all around good person. I hoep you arnt still bitter about that stars we played. I was very happy to have the chance to vote you to win when you did. Would love to catch up and talk about horror movies.

SashaBaby2010 I would first like to thank you for handing me that QWR win. It was one of my most iconic moments. We have always been on good terms despite when sometimes we vote each other in games. I overall think you are extremely funny and love how you can be cut throat but not get upset when it happens to you

dandoe Honestly I know who you are but do not at the same times. However your most recent blogs have been giving me life. Although I do support Mrs. Robin Banks zuelke in drag race but we will have to agree to disagree over a pizza

AllieBoBallie I love you lmao I cannot even begin to describe how much I love you. I know so many people who have said nice things about you but I think everyone underestimates your bubbly personality you are also always there to help a friend in need. UGG DUCHESS MY TRUE LOVE

Lazeric Sometimes your spam annoys me other than that I think you are a good person sometimes your friends can be a little trashy though

MarieTori Ive actually always liked you since the Super 8 days I do know that when you came back you were not that fond of me I never figured out why maybe I was reading the situation wrong. However, I never stopped liking you sometimes I think people get bitter with you because they do not understand your style of humor. IDK how you put up with the mess that is MRS.BURRITO THOUGH

Babeeeidah Hard for me to gauge you sometimes I think you say controversial stuff on this website to get a rise out of people even though you do not mean it. Because some of the stuff you say is extremely hurtful and when I knew you in TVIVOR you were far from a hurtful individual. Sometimes I do think people criticize you too much and I find it hypocritical when people get mad at you for attacking others while attack your appearance as well. I am also glad that you are confident in your own skin and I hope that doesnt change

MichelleWilliams First of all you are fine so you have that going for you. Normally people with extremely good looks like you are superficial but you also manage to have an amazing personality. Sorry you got robbed in TBB2 I would like to get to know you more as a person because we really have not talked personally a lot.

yoshicoolman I hope your medical issues are going ok and I am sorry people tried to say you were faking it all. I never have once disliked you even after all the Endurance drama when you summoned that gorgon to defend yourself. However, I have always liked you Brandon and if you ever need to talk to someone I am here

Spicoli First of all I am still shook we made people actually think we lived together for so long. You know how much I appreciate you I find it also amazing our friendship got sparked because of a joke response I sent you to a blog of yours. I am always down for our smoke and Disney movie no homo cuddle sessions

levonini One of the funniest people I have ever met online or in person. However, that can all fade away when you decide to be a little ass prick of a troll that recycled the same bad jokes. However, other than that I think you are often misunderstood because of the drama you get in because the LEVONINI I know is hilarious

malachite05 I do not know who you are. However, your avi and your shop was a groundbreaking trend on Tengaged that will forever live on in the Tengaged History books. You will be known as malachite the I am straight btw innovator of tgage fashion

Streamxx I think you are overall a nice guy however sometimes you literally dive off the deep end and start acting people for little to no reason. Idk if it was for fun or not also have not talked to you in a while so that trend might have changed

WillTraitor I always like you I think you are funny and outgoing and an overall great person. I do hope you do not get caught up in all that Tengaged Dating nudes shit because you are attractive enough to find you some dick or ass or pussy or whatever way you swing in real life

RobbX2 I have always liked you even when we disagree you know how much I hate your nasty vile friend. However, I am never one to carry grudges to people for who they are friends with. We havent talked in a while so I hope life is going well

Bengalboy One of the funniest most ripped users on the site. I love your as you would call it banter. I always enjoy talking to you. However, sometimes you do remind me of a thumb thumb from spy kids

KatherinePierce I miss hanging out with you. You were honestly such a chill person. We would always go on call and honestly slay frookies.


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yes joshhhh
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Me :)
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I don't do many PYN's, here to receive negative criticism and take it out in an unhealthy way through comfort eating :)
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loves ya
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The gif did work LMAO
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hey baby
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wow... srs
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