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  1. Wow I’m about
  2. 13 indictments with probably more to come
  3. Why are people
  4. I honestly feel unsafe
  5. Honestly the best
  6. Whose
  7. Join hunger gals
  8. I will stay smoking
  9. Also
  10. I come
  11. Grays sister
  12. Spam that link one more time
  13. I am not a fan of this new Snapchat update
  14. People
  15. So what is all this drama
  16. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #1
  17. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #2
  18. Is it bad
  19. Lmao
  20. I have been doing
  21. Because I really hope
  22. So since
  23. For instance
  24. I have been researching
  25. For those who care
  26. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #3
  27. Anyone
  28. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #4
  29. Legit
  30. When
  31. None of the new comps
  32. I am loving
  33. I went 8-2
  34. To be honest
  35. Excuse me
  36. Who wants to come to the wedding
  37. I wonder
  38. Good thing
  39. Some of you make
  40. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #5


Feb 6, 2018 by koolness234
Always seem to ascertain that stars wins do not matter by then get their tithes in a bundle on how people win this stars that don’t matter


At first I was really judging Cornelia for spending real ass money on them videos but now that I realize they being REDUCE REUSE RECYCLED and the t-public is too dumb to realize, I'm kinda finding it iconic
Sent by mahogany,Feb 6, 2018
mahogany and some people spend many dollars on virtual currency to get gems wesves
Sent by koolness234,Feb 6, 2018
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Feb 6, 2018

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