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You do

Jan 9, 2018 by koolness234
Know Banjoooo America could elect a Blueberry Muffin as the President and still have more global influence and power then almost any country.

We stop caring what other countries think of us when we dropped that nuclear bomb


Australia will nuke your asses before that shit happens honeyyyyyyyy koolness234
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 9, 2018
banjoooo Nice try but considering we have the largest collection of nuclear weapons and it would only take us two to wipe the entirety of your country off the face of the globe.
Sent by koolness234,Jan 9, 2018
no offense, but we would annihlate you banjoooo
even though australia is hard to invade apparently
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 9, 2018
memphis_Grizzlies two nuclear nomns or even one well place hydrogen bomb they would be done
Sent by koolness234,Jan 9, 2018
I would like to see you try that koolness234, but if you did then the UK and certain European countries would cum for you. Also a good excuse for China to get involved and obliterate you all.

Don't you dare come for us baby.
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 9, 2018
China refuses to get involved in foreign affairs lol they want peaceful growth but you tried it

Also BlueBerryMuffin2020?
Sent by Rocker917,Jan 9, 2018
banjoooo Yeah but by the time those countries acted all of Australia would be burnt to a crisp.

Yall are ranked 22 in military power we are ranked 1st
Sent by koolness234,Jan 9, 2018
memphis_grizzlies and rocker917 also banjoooo forgot to point out his country has no weapons of mass destruction while we are estimated to have 70,000 I will take my chances with Australia
Sent by koolness234,Jan 9, 2018
banjoooo also not to mention we have more nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction than all other nuclear countries combined
Sent by koolness234,Jan 9, 2018
koolness234 I feel like you want to nuke inside my asshole
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 9, 2018

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