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  1. I find it really difficult
  2. Apparently
  3. Wow I’m about
  4. 13 indictments with probably more to come
  5. Why are people
  6. I honestly feel unsafe
  7. Honestly the best
  8. Whose
  9. Join hunger gals
  10. I will stay smoking
  11. Also
  12. I come
  13. Grays sister
  14. Spam that link one more time
  15. I am not a fan of this new Snapchat update
  16. People
  17. So what is all this drama
  18. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #1
  19. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #2
  20. Is it bad
  21. Lmao
  22. I have been doing
  23. Because I really hope
  24. So since
  25. For instance
  26. I have been researching
  27. For those who care
  28. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #3
  29. Anyone
  30. TOP TEN STARS WINS OF 2017 #4
  31. Legit
  32. When
  33. None of the new comps
  34. I am loving
  35. I went 8-2
  36. To be honest
  37. Excuse me
  38. Who wants to come to the wedding
  39. I wonder
  40. Good thing

Quick Question

Jan 5, 2018 by koolness234
A guy on Wizard101 was trying to hit on my death wizard Autumn Deathseed he said he was 22 and I was like I am 13 which is a lie but just testing the waters to see if he was a despicable human being. He called me cute and asked me if I wanted to see his Wizard Mansion with him. What should I do should I go to the mansion serious responses only??


oo you should go
Sent by HighNoon,Jan 5, 2018
Sent by mahogany,Jan 5, 2018
yes lol see where he goes so you can report him
Sent by harrywasnak,Jan 5, 2018
go to the mansion and keep testing him and then hit him with the good ol' "i'm chris hansen from dateline NBC"
Sent by TheEclipse,Jan 5, 2018
Ya go and lets play with peace123
Sent by s73100,Jan 5, 2018
I miss wizard 101, I need to get back into it lol
Sent by Anas,Jan 5, 2018
Also yeah see how far he goes, maybe get him reported on the site lmao
Sent by Anas,Jan 5, 2018
invite s73100 and I we can crash his pedo party
Sent by peace123,Jan 5, 2018

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