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  1. I finally
  3. As you can see
  4. Another question
  5. Question
  6. Make sure to vote me gals
  7. I won another Hunger
  8. Honey
  9. PSA
  10. I think
  11. Can you fucking stop
  12. No title
  13. So why did others get banned for multis
  14. Question
  15. Bryan is my friend
  16. I can now
  17. Unnomed
  18. all stars fastings
  19. Question
  20. A reporter
  21. Hello AHMED
  22. Post someone
  23. Okay in all honesty
  24. Cannot
  25. Hosting
  26. Can
  27. Honestly
  28. Sharapova Scandalous Stars: The Scandalous Seven
  29. Listen
  30. People use
  31. My name is Koolness234
  32. Thanks so much
  34. Wimbledon
  35. This is so funny
  36. Hosting
  37. My first Tengaged Meet Up
  38. Tengaged Pokemon League
  39. Sharapova Scandalous Stars
  40. Anyone


Jan 3, 2018 by koolness234
Being so miserable with life that you have to come on a website and mock another user for a life threatening disease. While, not being brave enough to post it on a main account when we all know you are using a multi because you try to plus yourself and it goes down to -49.

YIKES martzia


Ty ;p. I think it’s eyoomarcus’s account since the comments he made just minutes before are remarkably similar
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 3, 2018

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