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  1. Literally
  2. I honestly
  3. PYN
  4. Did any
  5. Question
  6. I really wish I could -15 designs
  7. I know the people
  8. I honestly need to stop being
  9. No one wants to
  10. I hope my dad
  11. with multis
  13. These charities may be flopping
  14. I am
  15. Do I make the move
  16. I am pleased to announce
  17. I think it is time for meetup
  18. The true tea
  19. Imagine sending
  20. I know this is really random
  21. I loved
  22. My major problems with Conservatives
  23. Shook at the Michael Cohen sentencing
  24. Imagine
  25. Now with mods gone I have two pressing questions
  26. Sister
  27. Currently boycotting
  28. Duchess and I will
  29. Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke
  30. This is not a charity
  31. Question
  32. Sister
  33. Lets be honest
  34. Dua Lipa
  35. I am fucking done
  36. I recall
  37. Question
  38. Do you ever feel like
  39. This is the third
  40. The best song of 2018

I just won my second game of fortnite

Jan 2, 2018 by koolness234
I am telling you Loot Lake's house behind the stairs is a premium hiding spot

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