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TBH: The Glass House

Nov 8, 2012 by koolmanmadden
The Glass House could have been a good show if the format was better. To me the format is what killed the show. Is you dont remember the format here is a small recap of it. The contestants are split into two groups and compete in various physical and mental competitions. The captains of the two teams are the two contestants who have received the least amount of votes from the public. After losing a challenge, the captain of the losing team is sent to limbo, along with a second member of that team which is voted on by the house. And the people who watch Glass House vote who to stay in the house.

This format made the show so predicable. Most of the time the Team Captain would be voted off. 

To me a much better format would have been that winning team captain would pick 2 people to go into limbo from the losing team.



If the format of the show is what makes the show bad then uh

...what makes the show good
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Nov 8, 2012
zimdelinvasor to me that was the biggest thing that made it bad. The house had a pretty nice design. The only thing i didn't like about that was that they had no real backyard. 

The casting for a first season show was ok.  They had some nice characters like Erica,Alex, and Robin.
Sent by koolmanmadden,Nov 8, 2012

i didn't watch
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Nov 8, 2012

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