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Sigh, it is pretty simple...

May 4, 2015 by knixuk
So i have been on this website for hmm, over five years maybe and i have never been banned. It is not because i haven't been in my fair share of "drama" over the years but it is mainly because i am not an idiot. Don't be an idiot or a cheat and you won't get banned. Be an angry, repulsive idiot or a cheat and you will.

It is not that hard.


Sent by SeaOtter,May 4, 2015
Sent by Jermin119,May 4, 2015
Hey I've never been banned either :D knixuk
Sent by JustMe,May 4, 2015
King Knix the fix. :)
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,May 4, 2015
ha! i was banned once, the great biodork banning!!
Sent by bibbles,May 4, 2015
i deserved the majority of my bans BUT to be fair i got banned once for mentioning circumcision because a mod tried to claim it was "sexual content"
i don't think moderating now is as bad as it was back then though
Sent by BengalBoy,May 4, 2015

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