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Please Pray For My Friend!

15thMay 2, 2014 by kkoster001
My friend Alika was in a car crash yesterday, which she didn't cause. She broke both arms, legs, and fractured her skull. Please pray for her. I want her to get better. It was while she was on her way home from dropping off our other friend Allie. I hope she pulls through. Thank you to those who pray.



she'll be in my prayers :)
Sent by Delete2544,May 2, 2014
^ Same
Sent by panda6785,May 2, 2014
Thank you guys. I am scared for her. So thank you.
Sent by kkoster001,May 2, 2014
Sorry to hear...hope she get's well soon!
Sent by philthethrill81,May 2, 2014
omg I'm so sorry. I'm praying for her
Sent by rawr121,May 2, 2014
Hope she'll be okay, thats awful
Sent by Audren,May 2, 2014
Aww hope she'll be okay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Eleny,May 2, 2014
Praying for her
Sent by Kaushal,May 2, 2014
Im sorry ;(
Sent by capguy1,May 2, 2014
top of my list and will start my prayer line for her
Sent by Giraffez,May 2, 2014
She's alive after that?! That takes strength I hope she is ok
Sent by Alexthecooldude,May 3, 2014
Praying for her!!!!
Sent by MaggieWong,May 3, 2014
I'm sorry to hear that and she will be in my thoughts
Sent by andrewvaughan17,May 3, 2014
oh my gosh , I feel so bad she is in my prayers and thoughts
Sent by workhardplayhard247,May 3, 2014
she is now on my list praying for her
Sent by imprincearthur,May 3, 2014
I'll pray for her
Sent by Warthhogs,May 3, 2014
Im so sorry, I'll be praying for her
Sent by Kenu67,May 3, 2014
I'll pray for her as well
Sent by jacunliffe,May 14, 2014
Oh my gosh! I will pray for her in the prayers I make every night... I'm so sorry for this tragic event and I hope she is healing and I hope you are doing better with mentally dealing with what happened to you friend...

Sent by Avatar20,May 27, 2014

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