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STORY TIME "Trump Begone' Oct 4, 2016
imageI am in a Big Brother Game and the veto is up for grabs. However to earn the veto I need to have the longest completed story. And the twist is that the story has to be made using you, the public's, comments. So please if you could, comment a word, one by one, in order from the story below! :D

-Gifts Will Be Given-


"The queen of the ratchets has once again taken the throne and slayed Trump."

EX. first person comments "The", next person comments "queen" and it goes on until the story ends.
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Collage Photo- Reupload & (Top 6 Collage Faves) Nov 28, 2015
I don't know how clearly it's showing up for other people and the first photo was distorted. Here's the new one: http://i.imgur.com/OY7JRni.jpg

People I find attractive- (Will elaborate on and update later)
# 73
# 116
# 154
# 101
# 131
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It's My Birthday! Apr 11, 2015
Super excited, and after the crazy year i've had, i'm excited to see how everything unfolds. Wish me luck guys!!!
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Character Bio Feb 17, 2015
Hi, my name is Leo. I'm your typical jock, or so a lot of people say. In reality, yes I am a jock. But not for being a jerk, because i'm not. but more so for playing over half of the sports in school. When it comes to my personality, well that's an even different story, simply because no one really knows me for me. That is merely because I don't share much about myself with others, Of course that is with good reason though, considering my family isn't exactly known for being normal, or even good for the matter. My mother, she's a nurse; She's a good woman too, but my father is what makes her look bad, as he is a drug dealer, who is constantly drunk. That causes for my home to constantly be filled with suspicious characters, and smoke from the drugs that those individuals use. For this reason my mother constantly contemplates moving out, with my encouragement of course. But time after time, she decides to stay. So I, in return stay in the situation I am in. Closed off and secretive. But who knows, maybe this year that will all change. We'll have to wait and see.
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Please Plus This You Guys Jan 13, 2015

Don't neg like Buccs said, thats just silly. :p
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I hate doing this stuff! Dec 30, 2014
However I am forced to with the circumstances, and that I need some help.

Sorry for the spam really!
Please comment and vote for Miraculum! Thank you, any and all votes are needed so please do vote. :)

Please do help, as we need as many votes as we can get. I will reply to any and all spam in return. Thank you so much for reading as well, and please plus.
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