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  1. 6 years!
  2. I have the flu :(
  3. Anniversary charity
  4. What a fun hoh comp!
  5. hola
  6. Lolo
  7. Tamar?
  8. the 5 day break was nice
  9. Love all the hearts
  10. What’s your favorite challenge?
  11. Anytime I blog
  12. Merry Christmas to all
  13. Had 46 unread mails
  14. blog
  15. oh hello
  16. Thank you Daniel!
  17. Survivor tonight omggggg
  18. Good morning Tengaged
  19. When my frat wins the seat
  20. !! winner winner winner !!
  21. Back from disney
  23. Merci!
  24. Nooooo
  25. Good luck!
  26. avi contest thingy
  27. I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah
  29. Zak
  30. Lucky number 8
  31. I’m so tired
  32. Ive had the hiccups
  33. Kara's Survivor Kaoh Rong: Immunity
  34. I’m gay for
  35. Hope everyone stays safe
  36. Who is my secret admirer?!
  37. Gift me Mulan eyes
  38. Samrosa - Beauty Tribe
  39. Chhlat - Brains Tribe
  40. Khlang - Brawn Tribe


Sep 1, 2014 by k4r4k
honestly one of the funniest convos i've had in a castings in a long time - this guy always makes me giggle lmao #koey
(rearranged so you dont have to read bottom to top)

Jdempewo 2 min ago
    Kara, there are 20 letters in the alphabet right?
k4r4k 2 min ago
    no, theres more :p why?
Jdempewo 1 min ago
    Oh im missing 5.... U R A Q T!!!
k4r4k 1 min ago
Jdempewo 0 min ago
    no I think im still missing one...... I know.... Il give you the D later
k4r4k 0 min ago
    wait...theres 26 letters in the alphabet :x
k4r4k 0 min ago


LOL get in there Kara ;)
Sent by Carlisle,Sep 1, 2014
ew that joke is hella old
Sent by Mikey_Elite,Sep 1, 2014
i am hella old :)
Sent by Jdempewo,Sep 1, 2014
you know whats really sad... that someone would stalk someone elses blogs, just to neg them. that's like the epitome of not having a life... haha i feel really bad for ppl like that.
Sent by Jdempewo,Sep 1, 2014
lmao xD
Sent by NJKoda1998,Sep 1, 2014

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