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Sep 1, 2014 by k4r4k
honestly one of the funniest convos i've had in a castings in a long time - this guy always makes me giggle lmao #koey
(rearranged so you dont have to read bottom to top)

Jdempewo 2 min ago
    Kara, there are 20 letters in the alphabet right?
k4r4k 2 min ago
    no, theres more :p why?
Jdempewo 1 min ago
    Oh im missing 5.... U R A Q T!!!
k4r4k 1 min ago
Jdempewo 0 min ago
    no I think im still missing one...... I know.... Il give you the D later
k4r4k 0 min ago
    wait...theres 26 letters in the alphabet :x
k4r4k 0 min ago


LOL get in there Kara ;)
Sent by Carlisle,Sep 1, 2014
ew that joke is hella old
Sent by Mikey_Elite,Sep 1, 2014
i am hella old :)
Sent by Jdempewo,Sep 1, 2014
you know whats really sad... that someone would stalk someone elses blogs, just to neg them. that's like the epitome of not having a life... haha i feel really bad for ppl like that.
Sent by Jdempewo,Sep 1, 2014
lmao xD
Sent by NJKoda1998,Sep 1, 2014

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