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  1. I’m so tired
  2. Ive had the hiccups
  3. Kara's Survivor Kaoh Rong: Immunity
  4. I’m gay for
  5. please plus me
  6. Hope everyone stays safe
  7. Who is my secret admirer?!
  8. Gift me Mulan eyes
  9. Samrosa - Beauty Tribe
  10. Chhlat - Brains Tribe
  11. Khlang - Brawn Tribe
  12. I just feel sick
  13. question
  14. [[watch out]] im grumpy today
  15. HEY
  16. i was on the radio
  17. Good morning
  18. vacation booked!
  19. Faysal
  20. Kara's Survivor s4 -- APPS OPEN!
  21. do people like non live survivor?
  22. My tummy hurts
  23. happy birthday john!!
  24. i have a castings streak
  25. Just a reminder
  26. Whatttt
  27. Caramoan
  28. Tabuk Tribe
  29. Davao Tribe
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  31. what's your favorite season of survivor?
  32. Survivor game starting SUNDAY -- APPLY NOW!
  33. thank you!
  34. Freedom of avatar!
  35. Do you prefer
  36. Do you prefer
  37. Work was rough
  38. Do you prefer
  39. Kara's Survivor: Philippines [apply now!]
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I’m so tired Oct 9, 2018
Of people crying over survivor. Who caressssss?? Stop mailing me 😂 I’ve become very desensitized toward bitter, angry people on this site. Merge streaks are not life and neither is Tengaged. Really the only thing that keeps me on the site are the awesome group games 👍🏻
Points: 51 4 comments
Ive had the hiccups Sep 24, 2018
SO much today. Does that mean I’m growing?!
Points: 10 12 comments
Kara's Survivor Kaoh Rong: Immunity Sep 17, 2018
Who should win immunity?

gbpackxlvchamps/Scott: 13
RealJacksonWalsh/Jack: 10
Brosky17/Brenden: 21
Smuguy2012/Matt: 20
Lulubud/Lulu: 12
Themissinglink/Link: 15
Kiara_xoxo/Kiara: 10
Rocketokid13/Bilbo: 11
TicoFernandez/Tico: 20


The person closest to 20 points WITHOUT GOING OVER wins Immunity.

A person is only allowed to post ONCE! tag must be properly trended/spelled

A trend counts as +1. If you want to give someone a minus please trend their name and say -1.

I will update throughout and post where I've left off :)

This challenge will end tomorrow at 5:30pm EDT. GOOD LUCK!
Points: 267 52 comments
I’m gay for Sep 15, 2018
Points: 55 11 comments
please plus me Sep 12, 2018
and comment

i need monies :p

Points: 55 5 comments
Hope everyone stays safe Sep 11, 2018
During hurricane Florence 😞

I’m in NC and we’re supposed to get bad weather Thursday into Friday currently. It’s suppsed to touch land before it gets here.

Hurricanes are no joke so please prepare if you’re in it’s path!
Points: 8 4 comments