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put on all my first designs Jan 10, 2018
of each category. AM I PRETTY?

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Uh Jan 6, 2018
What is with all these sex blogs? Did I miss something?

Can we just play games and chill? 馃槣
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Prayers for Maci please! Jan 4, 2018
imageMy youngest pup (who鈥檚 turning 7 on Jan 7th) has had a rough week 馃槥

She started limping and being lethargic on Monday, so we took her to the vet on Tuesday. Doc said it was a muscle/ligament in her 3rd toe, not thought to be bone related. She was prescribed some doggie ibuprofen to take with food and told to take it easy. She was seeming to get better (less limping/more lively), but now she鈥檚 started throwing up 馃槱

She鈥檚 thrown up about 8 times so far in 2 hours. We let her go out and eat a bunch of grass to help clear out anything bothersome in her tummy. Neither my boyfriend or I could identify the solids in her throw up. We checked the whole house and found no evidence of her finding something she shouldn鈥檛.

I feel so bad for my baby! Please send her good vibes 馃挏馃檹 she鈥檚 normally so spunky and never sick or let鈥檚 anything bother her

#prayersformaci #getwellsoonpup
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hi, im kara Jan 2, 2018
and i have a diet coke problem :x
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Thank you Dec 30, 2017
So much hisoka 馃槏馃憤馃徏馃挏馃槃

You鈥檙e such a sweetheart!

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FINAL 3 HOH! Dec 27, 2017
Please plus!!!!!

Will plus/help you with whatever in return - just mail me 馃槃馃憤馃徏

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