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Tengaged Fashion Week - Spring Collection

Jun 5, 2009 by justjosh
imageThanks everyone for being so supportive of my outfits so far your support has got me here - Im in the final!! :D
For this task we have to make 4 outfits.. one for each season.
This is Spring
I have tried to blend a number of styles to create something unique. ive put together the girly red and white butterfly print floaty dress with a studded biker jacket and black belt to create something fierce but feminine too. Then for accessories i added White ankle boots, a cute clutch and a hippy band with a metal butterfly on it. Ive also added black tights because spring isnt always that warm.
I hope you guys will love this and my other 3 designs (above this one on my blog list)


Sent by phanne,Jun 5, 2009

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