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Tengaged Catwalk - Future Fashion

May 10, 2009 by justjosh
imagePlease plus and comment on thsi blog  id really appreciate it :D
Ok this was definately the hardest one to do so far  i went for almost a kind of futuristic waistcoat with big points from the chest up  with a blue mini dress underneath and grey metallic waist band   i also added some black tights and sliver Gladiator boots.
I expreimented a bit with the model's make up to adding black eyeliner wings with silver and a touch of white eyeshadow. It definately makes her eyes look fierce. Its a fierce look :P
For hair i went for a sleeek black bob :D
hope you like :P


Looks great sorry i didnt make over you i didnt post my picture in time :(
3+ Goodluck hope you go far
Sent by Brittany24,May 10, 2009
very creative :) +
Sent by tennisallstar94,May 10, 2009
Thanks but is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P
Sent by justjosh,May 10, 2009
It could be both lol, but i guess its less competition lol
Goodluck :D
Sent by Brittany24,May 10, 2009
creative <3! :D
Sent by sam_cutie567,May 10, 2009
awesomeness :D
Sent by funkyred44,May 10, 2009

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