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Survivor Second Attempt Ep.10/Tribal Council

Apr 7, 2020 by jussy007
imageAfter last episodes blindside, this vote was way more unified being that there were only four people remaining.

First vote...Daniel

Second vote...Daniel

Last member of the jury...Daniel Lue has been voted out of Survivor Second Attempt.

Before the jury votes for their winner, the final 3 can send me their speech to the jury. If any jury members have any questions they would like to ask the final 3, pm me with the question. You have until the blog expires.

Final 3:
Ramona Gray  - Borneo  piesyumyyumypies     
Stephanie Dill  - Thailand  Baseball03       
Erica Durousseau  - Fiji  Tester 

4) Daniel Lue  skimmilk4
5) Sarah Jones  Kindred7
6) Russell Swan  Philip13
7) Candace Smith  abcxyz *quit*
8) Cao Boi Bui  DBonee
9) Angie Jakusz  Tanarexix
10) Nick Stanbury  lhooper902976
馃敻馃敻PRE-JURY 馃敻馃敻
馃敼馃敼PRE-MERGE 馃敼馃敼
11) Mitchell Olson  rhayden82
12) Dan Kay  CrystalClod
13) Shawn Cohen  brendino2020
14) Dolly Neely  BarbraStreisand
15) Brandon Bellinger  lliiaamm
16) Jessie Camacho  ChrisParker13



oh did i get voted out - i mustve missed a couple of votes haha ma bad
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 7, 2020
i thought it was a friendly competition haha ma bad
Sent by abcxyz,Apr 7, 2020
Kindred7 you were involved in a tie and then both players in that tie were eliminated (I didn't even vote for you lol)
Sent by Tester,Apr 8, 2020

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