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Cartoon Diva Elimination Chamber Semifinals

10thMay 15, 2019 by jussy007
Every diva will be entering the Elimination Chamber with an automatic three points. The divas who received votes will have that added to their three points.

Rogue michland143   Auto - 2 saves (needs 1)
Esmeralda lhooper902976    Auto + 2 votes - 1 saves (needs 8)
Belle adamgrant    Auto + 2 votes - 1 saves (needs 8)
Lana Kane FireX    Auto - 2 saves (needs 1)

If you find yourself in the Elimination Chamber, you’re in risk of being eliminated! In order to remain in the game you need to have any tg player comment below that they vote to save your Diva name. Each save must be from someone different. You may not vote for anyone unless you have been saved. Which means any Diva that is safe may comment to save a fellow player. Last Diva to be saved will be eliminated! If there’s more than one Diva remaining after this blog expires, it will be randomly selected who gets eliminated!  Voting starts now!

Eliminated divas...

18th Ariel - Katharina
17th Lola Bunny - Batya
16th Jessica Rabbit - _Adidas_
15th Miss Piggy - Yandereboy12
14th Catwoman - jfaia
13th Stripperella - Haykee
12th Storm - nijoco
11th Poison Ivy - Kiba
10th Betty Boop - Jayboyy
9th Holli Would - Thumper91
8th Suzi-X - SaskiaRae
7th Wonder Woman - aria_grande
6th Pocahontas - sk9ergal
5th Smurfette - Tester


Save lana
Sent by greyconverse,May 15, 2019
save adamgrant
Sent by tamiko2,May 15, 2019
oops forgot the capital @Ihooper902976
Sent by Gay_Horse_,May 15, 2019
Save Rogue
Sent by AvrilSexy,May 15, 2019
Sent by HanaL117,May 15, 2019
Save lana
Sent by Maliyah,May 15, 2019
Sent by Munchies,May 15, 2019
Save Lana
Sent by SeongWoo,May 15, 2019
Save Belle
Sent by Tester,May 15, 2019
Sent by TaraG,May 15, 2019
Sent by SaskiaRae,May 15, 2019
Sent by tonyalbright,May 15, 2019
saved belle
Sent by MrBird,May 15, 2019
Sabe Belle
Sent by MrMomo15,May 15, 2019
save rogue
Sent by Amandyta,May 15, 2019
Save belle
Sent by ToxicPussy,May 15, 2019
save rogue
Sent by EmzThorne,May 15, 2019
Save rogue
Sent by Thumper91,May 15, 2019

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