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Jussy鈥檚 Celebrity Survivor S11 Week 1

Sep 21, 2018 by jussy007
Well hello celebrities! Welcome to S11 of Jussy鈥檚 Celebrity Survivor! I apologize for the delay starting this but there was an adjustment that had to be taken care of! All is good to go!

This first challenge was brutal! 4 different obstacles all pertaining to endurance! Black Team dominated & is safe from tribal council! That means Grey Team, cast your vote to evict a player from your team!

Black Team:
Austin Butler  dogesstudios
Amanda Seyfried  Tman54445
Reese Witherspoon  Luna_tic
Jonathan Bennett  Yandereboy12
TJ Miller  flamergamer8
Laura Miro  michland143
Tara Reid  CalebDaBoss
Rob Riggle  Gleality
Anthony Rapp  AdamLovesEverything
Bayley  boicam77

Grey Team:
Ki Hong Lee  MalibuMatt
Zachary Levi  J2999
Katie Cassidy  aria_grande
Thomas Brodie-Sangster  benp428
Leelee Sobieski  Jaychris
Maya Rudolph  @CiTy
Cameron Boyce  winners1
Keira Knightly  SAWCHUK55
Brianna Hildebrand  Slynxis
Vince Corazza  brosky17

Please cast your vote ASAP! Once you鈥檝e cast your vote, you cannot change it! All votes (unless noted otherwise) will be cast in the comment section below! Voting will expire once the majority has voted, or the blog expires!


Sent by benp428,Sep 22, 2018
Maya because he鈥檚 banned
Sent by aria_grande,Sep 22, 2018
Sent by Jaychris,Sep 22, 2018
Sent by winners1,Sep 22, 2018
Sent by Slynxis,Sep 22, 2018
Sent by brosky17,Sep 23, 2018
With 5 votes, Maya Rudolph is out!
Sent by jussy007,Sep 24, 2018

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