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Jussy’s Celebrity Survivor S3 Week 11

Jun 21, 2018 by jussy007
imageKellan Lutz  Latisha0987 was voted out last week! This week there was one survivor who took an early lead & held onto it, Ariana Grande has won the immunity challenge!

In case of a tie, the nominees will be for the tiebreaker.

Team Silver:
Colton Haynes  J2999
Dua Lipa  FoxyWinters       
Ariana Grande  FocusBlast        *Immunity Idol*
Charlie Puth  WhateverTheF
Usher  Slynxis
Reba McEntire  Tman54445     
Bradley Cooper  danyyboy67     

Please cast your vote ASAP! Cast your votes in the comment section below! Voting will end when the blog expires or there is a majority vote. If a Celebrity fails to vote before the blog expires it’s considered a self vote!

8. Kellan Lutz  Latisha0987
9. Kaley Cuoco  michland143
10. Zac Efron  FireWolf
11. Camila Cabello  Jaychris
12. Todrick Hall  Wyatt2001
——————-PRE JURY——————-
13. Jason Momoa steve4280
14. Kat Von D  ManniBoi
15. Nicki Minaj  legacy7
16. Marcus Samuelsson  Dukeyy
17. Chloe Green  MonicaStar
18. Maisie Williams  coolKat
19. Mila Kunis  Matisse
20. Carrot Top  yolo

Good luck


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Sent by TMAN54445,Jun 22, 2018
With 4 votes, Dua Lipa has been voted out!
Sent by jussy007,Jun 22, 2018

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