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woahhh May 21, 2017
kentuckyy u didnt tell me u were loggin in BITCH! Wouldve joined stars with you for this kenturtle reunion.
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RPDR S9 Ep 8 Rankings May 14, 2017
8. Alexis Michelle: She was cringe worthy through the ep and i cant deal with her she is to much
7. Farrah Moan: Meh. She couldnt rise to the occasion.
6. Trinity: Love her and i hope to see her rise again but this week i was confused a lil.
5. Peppermint: She rose to the occasion but i'm just not a big fan. if she keeps it up maybe shell get higher.
4. Nina Bo Nina: Love her to death and im glad she was able to continue but she was irrel this week
3. Valentina: An actual hot mess express couldnt understand a word she was saying during that roast but i was DYING.
2. Shae Coulee: I love for some shae and i think she brought it like she always does. She is the seasoned queen of this season so shes making it to f3
1. Sasha Velour: I think she is SO interesting and to see her bring it like that is amazing i was on the GROUND at her jersey jokes and i think she shouldve win but thats my tea on that.
Points: 53 3 comments
Survivor any1 May 6, 2017
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Anyone wanna join survivor with me May 6, 2017
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RPDR S9 Ep 7 Rankings May 6, 2017
This episode had me SHOOKT to the core at the lip sync i didnt expect it at all

1. Trinity "The Tuck" : Outstanding performance literally stole the show and her runway was flawless
2. Nina Bo Nina Brown: Meh in the acting challenge but SOLD me in the lip sync like bitch didnt need to do any extra shit and she still TURNED IT OUT.
3. Valentina: Shes literally a star and i think overall she is a really seasoned queen like where tf did she come from.
4. Shae: I'v'e grown on Shae so much just cause of how seasoned she is. She is probs the most seasoned queen on here next to trinity possibly she can do anything it seems and this character she did was flawless *looks at aja*
5. Farrah: Her runway was cute and her acting was better then i expected so good for her! she needs to be in the top the next 2 weeks or she is gone
6. Sasha: i love sasha but this week didnt cut it for me expect with the runway.
7. Aja: Love her but gurl is dumb she couldve been in the top.
8. Peppermint: Meh not shown much this ep
9. Alexis: Still over her from the kardashian the musical untucked
This season has promise hopefully it gets better
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Grab the popcorn!!!! May 1, 2017
goodluck old friends!!
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