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Tiffany and Hannah

Sep 16, 2021 by jojo7784
Did this to themselves by taking out Claire and Alyssa. They got what they deserved


Sent by NanoNerd,Sep 16, 2021
Alyssa voodoo
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 16, 2021
What does alyssa have to do with this LMFAO
She was literally xavier's bestie
Sent by Danger,Sep 16, 2021
danger Alyssa and Hannah made a final 2 that Alyssa had every intention of actually stick to LMFAO
Sent by jojo7784,Sep 16, 2021
Sent by jojo7784,Sep 16, 2021
But they were playing for the cookout f6... but you already know that
Sent by redsoxjc,Sep 16, 2021
redsoxjc and I get that and understand why 100%, but this is still a game and can’t just excuse bad gameplay because they had a message. They would have still gotten a black winner. Like I get it but they put themselves in this positions and now they reap what they sew
Sent by jojo7784,Sep 16, 2021
jojo7784 I do agree with you with Tiffany.. I just think it was fair for Hannah to not expect to go on azahs hoh lol
Sent by redsoxjc,Sep 16, 2021

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