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18thDec 1, 2016 by jojo7784


ur avi < 3
Sent by brandonpinzu,Dec 1, 2016
1. Cornbread better be one of the trashy cunts because I KNOW you're not talking about Shelby.
2. Shane isn't an icon.
3. WheatKnee was insufferable and I literally lost IQ points whenever she opened her mouth.
Sent by __A__,Dec 1, 2016
__A__ oh i am, i hate that stupid vile cunt shelby.

shane is an icon

Whitney chose to hang out with the good people which makes her an icon
Sent by jojo7784,Dec 1, 2016
Make them mad jojo! Preach
Sent by Timster,Dec 1, 2016

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