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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

How to ensure safety?

Feb 16, 2024 by johnny5599
Yes, Reporting works,... it's perfect to provide a safe place?. No

- We tried with moderation
- Then, added user filters
- Added blog/imges reporting
- Added automated blocking of blog/images reporting
- Added users with internal reporting power (capable to delete blogs comments)
- Added User reporting
- ...

Yes, it's not easy... nothing works perfectly.
Ideas welcome,... please be positive.  I still thinking Tengaged has done lot of good things to many of us, it's a strong community, lets find ways to keep it safe.

Questions I read in some posts:
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?
- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?
- How much evidence needed for a ban/report?

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