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hey quick question

Feb 11, 2024 by johnny5599
so im not gonna use the real names of the people.

ok so this person named rick snow asked watermelonisdelicious if she wanted to become a milf. watermelon was very weirded out and didnt like it. rick then went and said it was a joke (it wasnt he just didnt get the reply he wanted).

is rick a predator?


Johnny you’re my milf
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 11, 2024
Rick is such a random name
Sent by jojo_strawberree,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Crazyrockina,Feb 11, 2024
Doing all this because I wouldn't hunt for food in survivor.
Sent by JonSnow000,Feb 11, 2024
Sent by Rperduex11,Feb 11, 2024

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