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  1. *CBS posts about literally anything on FB*
  2. BB9 was so fucking messy
  3. The actual winners of each BB season
  4. The Hive when they're the only 4 in jury for a..
  5. I hope Fessy wins HoH
  6. Jenni Valenta wins Stars!
  7. Save me in 5 hours
  8. No title
  9. Haleigh Broucher wins BB21
  10. Ranking the songs of the 2000s
  11. Bayleigh is currently
  12. Is BB20 on track
  13. What time does Stars enroll now?
  14. I can't believe both Kaitly(i)n's
  15. BB20 rankings
  16. I can't believe the US is getting a good BB season
  18. rockstar is my favorite bb houseguest in so long
  19. Angie Rockstar wins BB20
  20. I hope Scottie gets evicted
  21. hi i was gone for 54 days
  22. This season of Survivor is ass
  23. All of these albums dropping
  24. Taylor Swift attacked once again
  25. Don't blame me
  26. Wow
  27. Top 5 Women's Wrestemania Matches
  28. Okay 13 (interesting?) facts about me
  29. Who got voted out of Survivor
  30. reputation is taking AOTY in 2019
  31. #MarchForTGLives
  32. Help.
  33. i know that it's delicate
  34. I ad blocked the dirty butthole
  35. Are we srsly about to hit Stars 500?
  36. Who got voted out of Survivor
  37. Me trying to remember every movie I've seen in..
  38. Just read Simon vs The Homo Sapian Agenda
  39. Hey guys I'm Lance Twomey
  40. join frooks!

No title

Mar 9, 2018 by joey96
omg this girl just blindsided her showmance in f3 of roblox survivor what a legendary skinny icon of making big money moves we're all shocked rn

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