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TBGC Season One Episode Fourteen - "Reunion: Part Two"

14thFeb 8, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club reunion…

Tensions flared when the Bad Girls of Los Angeles gathered to discuss what went down in SOCAL. Tracee and Kayleigh showed that they haven’t changed a bit and the entire cast was gunning for them. Tracee decided to go in protector mode and fought Kayleigh’s battles for her, which angered Perri, who, in an attempt to punk Tracee, swung on her and was jumped by Kayleigh.

Tonight, will Perri remain calm enough to continue the reunion? Plus, Vixen and Taylor join the stage with a lot of scores to settle, but will an unprecedented beef steal the show? Find out on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Perri is going wild, attempting to run offstage to look for Kayleigh and Tracee.

Anna: Perri! Come sit down!

Meanwhile, backstage…

Kayleigh and Tracee are in their dressing room.

Kayleigh: These bitches made this whole damn show about me. Now they want to come to the reunion with something to prove.

Tracee: All these bald headed ass bitches can suck my clit dklfghfueij.

Back on stage, Perri is still fuming, but seated.

Perri: When I see that bitch I am fading her out!

Anna: What happened just now, Perri. You swung on Tracee, but you were arguing with Kayleigh? Why?

Perri: Because she pushed Kayleigh back down and stood up. If you want to defend her and fight her battles so damn bad, then I’m gonna fight you. It is what it is.

Shannade: But honestly, that would be like you running up on me while you were arguing with my sister. Of course I’m gonna fucking jump in.

Perri: Do not even sit there and defend them!

Shannade: I’m not! All I’m saying is you shouldn’t have been a dumb ass bitch about it and ran up to them!

Anna: Alright ladies, well Kayleigh and Tracee are ready to come back out, I believe. We’re gonna have security ready. Perri, I need you to stay calm. You good?

Perri: I’m good.

Anna: Bring ‘em out!

Kayleigh and Tracee enter back on stage with security escorting them. They sit back in their original seats as Perri mugs them from across the stage.

Tracee: How’s your head feel, bitch?

Anna: Tracee, Kayleigh. I need you guys to be good! We need to get through this reunion.

Tracee: I’m on top of the world Anna! I’m great! Ain’t nobody expect me to come like this today and I ain’t catching no fades whatsoever today!

Agnese: Oh my goshhhhhhh shut UP!

Tracee: Bitch be quiet!

Agnese: All you do is talk! Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! Shut your fucking mouth!

Tracee: You are a non factor Agnese sit yo whack ass down somewhere!

Agnese: That’s why I beat your ass twice in the house though, right? Okay.

Tracee: So bitch beat my ass right now. Let’s go!

Anna: No! Tracee, wait!

Agnese: Bitch, it’s nothing.

Tracee stands up and Agnese follows.

Jela - Agnese
Kat - Tracee

After the fights, security begins escorting Tracee backstage again.

Tracee: You ugly ass bitch! I will literally kill you bitch!

Agnese: Bye hoe! See ya!

Tracee: Get the FUCK off me!

Tracee is pulled backstage.

Anna: Alright everyone have a seat! Goodness ya’ll are STRESSING ME OUT.

Everyone sits back down.

Anna: Agnese, why go after Tracee just now?

Agnese: She’s been on ten this whole reunion and someone needed to shut her down, so.

Anna: Well I can confirm that Tracee will not be coming back to the stage this evening.

Kayleigh rolls her eyes.

Anna: However, the show must go on! I think it’s time to introduce our next bad girl. She is the lady killer herself, queen of spilling the tea, the one who made the most talked about moment of the season. Please welcome to the stage, VIXEN!

Vixen enters the stage carrying a basket.

Vixen: Attention everyone! This basket is to collect money for Kayleigh’s plastic surgery fund! I’m just gonna start this here and we can pass it around!

Vixen passes the basket to an audience member before sitting down next to Autumn.

Anna: It’s so nice to see you Vixen!

Vixen: Nice to see you too, Anna! Looking lovely.

Anna: Thanks boo. Alright well let’s get right into it because we have a lot to talk about.

Vixen: Okay.

Anna: You created probably the most talked about moment of this season. It has hella views on YouTube, people have a lot to say about the tea incident with you throwing the boiling hot tea on Kayleigh.

Vixen: Yes.

Anna: What was going through your mind when you did that girl because I would of had to hit you with an assault charge or something! She had bandages on and everything after that!

Vixen: I was just really angry. Sometimes I do let my anger get the best of me and I should not have taken it in that direction. So Kayleigh, as a woman, I do apologize for throwing the hot tea on you. It wasn’t a good look, but I brought the donation box so you can get your burns taken care of.

Vixen laughs.

Anna: Kayleigh, what do you have to say to her?

Kayleigh: Look, at the end of the day she made herself look bad by doing that. I was on defense mode the whole season and I knew with me fighting seven different bitches throughout the show, someone was bound to take it too far and she did.

Anna: You guys were friends in the very beginning until the infamous hookup went down. Vixen, you did not seem okay with the fact that Kayleigh regretted hooking up with you. You even went as far as to say she’s homophobic. Why?

Kayleigh: Because she had a crush on me! I was drunk one night and gave in. I honestly felt a little taken advantage of because she was not as drunk as me. Vixen was probably one of the heavier drinkers in the house so she could handle her liquor very well, but I was wasted. And to find out that I hooked up with someone on national TV was upsetting! I would have never done that sober, even if it was a guy! But she clearly caught feelings and ran with them.

Vixen: Hold on, no one ever caught feelings. I just felt like it was fucked up that the next morning you were telling everyone I took advantage of you and never came and talked to me one on one.

Kayleigh: I told Tracee! I didn’t tell the house.

Vixen: It’s not like you said no! You were very compliant.

Kayleigh: But I was drunk as fuck! We never should have even gotten to that point! And for you to spread the rumor that I’m homophobic behind my back so I couldn’t even defend myself in front of the whole world? Fuck you! Say whatever you guys want to about me, but you were the fucked up one in our situation Vixen. The whole time. Period.

Vixen: I don’t think so, babe. You looked like a bully ass, fake ass bitch on the show!

Kayleigh: You guys made me the star! And now ya’ll are so pressed about it for what?!

Shannon: Nobody made her the star, like..

Anna: What did you say Shannon?

Shannon: I said nobody made her the star. She acted out for attention all the time. There’s a lot of shit ya’ll did not get to see. This bitch wanted a reaction and so we gave her a reaction!

Vixen: Exactly! That shit started week one when Aria came in and lasted the whole season. You created your own problems!

Kayleigh: Okay, I’m done with this.

Kayleigh gets up and walks off stage.

Anna: Kayleigh where are you going?

Kayleigh: I’m done! Bye!

Shannon: See? Look at that! What a weak ass bitch!

Backstage, Kayleigh has made her way to her dressing room and is packing up her stuff. Production enters.

Production: So what’s going on here?

Kayleigh: I’m not gonna sit out there for the rest of this reunion and get verbally jumped by everyone. They all are still mad that I was the star of the show and outshined them and beat everyone’s ass that I fought and now they all want to collectively gang up on me here? Fuck that. I’m out.

Back on stage, the girls have settled down.

Anna: It seems like Kayleigh has decided to leave the reunion.

Everyone on stage laughs.

Shannade: The Bad Girls Club is no place for weak ass bitches!

Anna: Anyways, we must move on. We still have one bad girl that has yet to join the party. This party girl extraordinaire created many problems for herself during her stay in the house. Everybody please welcome to the stage, Taylor!

Taylor enters the stage and sits next to Perri.

Anna: Hi gorgeous!

Taylor: Hi!

Anna: How are you?

Taylor: Good.

Anna: How does it feel to see everyone again?

Taylor shrugs.

Anna: That’s all you have to say?

Taylor: I mean, I guess.

Kelli: She said none of us were her real friends in the house, so.

Anna: Oh she said that?

Kelli: Mhm.

Taylor: I mean, am I wrong though?

Kelli: Very wrong! I was your friend!

Vixen: We all were your friend. Me, Kelli, Agnese, and Aria.

Taylor: Sure, Vixen.

Vixen: Kelli cried when you left!

Kelli: I cried!

Vixen: She felt terrible!

Anna: Taylor you definitely had a very interesting time in the BGC.

Taylor: I did.

Anna: You came in the house and wanted to work on your drinking habits. Obviously we saw it was the complete opposite. Were you drunk every single day?

Taylor: Not every single day, but probably every other, yeah.

Anna: Oh my Lord. Do you think alcohol was a big factor in your altercations in the house?

Taylor: 100%. I cannot control my liquor and it gets the best of me sometimes. Especially when I already don’t like someone. Then it just gets even worse.

Anna: You had a huge rivalry with Kayleigh during the show. What do you think about her now?

Taylor: I mean she’s not on stage anymore so I’m not gonna say anything about her. She’s the “star”, but her time is up, so.

Anna: You also came into the house with preexisting beef with Vixen. Something about you being with her cousin and fucking other dudes?

Taylor: Can I clear that up?

Anna: Yes please because I think we were all confused about the truth!

Taylor: Vixen, when I was with Vinny. I never fucked anyone besides Vinny. I don’t know where you got the idea that I was cheating on him, but…

Vixen: He said it himself! He said you were fucking his buddies in the locker room, at parties, when he was away with family. You were not loyal to him!

Taylor: I never cheated on him! We broke up because you were a crazy obsessive bitch!

Anna: Hold up! Vixen, how close is your relationship to Vinny?

Vixen: We’re very close. He’s my favorite cousin.

Taylor: Yeah, they’re close alright.

Vixen: Shut up bitch!

Anna: Well it’s clear that we aren’t going to get a straight truth on what really went down between you two in high school, but we did see what went down in the house. You two were cool for a while and then Agnese here came along kind of stirring the pot, initiating the fight between the two of you.

Agnese: I wasn’t doing that as an attempt to like get them to fight for shits and giggles. I did that because Taylor would always come to me, Kelli, and Aria after her and Vixen would get into it and just talk massive amounts of shit. The tension between these two got so unbearable it was hard to be in the same room as them, so I “instigated” the fight simply by just telling Taylor that she needed to stand up to Vixen and let her know how she feels.

Taylor: It’s hard for me to believe that because you instigated a lot of other fights during the season too.

Agnese: I gave people opportunities to confront the issues in the house! Sure physically fighting is bad or whatever, but walking around with a bunch of catty bitches that are just constantly talking shit is even more draining. Because after a fight the air was cleared! At least for a while. I was just tired of people talking and not doing anything.

Taylor: That’s fake though! Like, how are you just gonna use us as your puppets and get us to try and fight each other? And these girls were okay with it? And they wonder why I think none of them were ever my friend!

Agnese: Who cares Taylor! I tried to help you, we all did! When I was telling you to go confront Vixen in the house it was never an issue. It’s an issue now because you want to make it one! Stop playing the victim and have some fucking responsibility!

Anna: Ladies calm down! Agnese do you think Taylor plays the victim a lot? I watched the show and I have to say, I think she did.

Agnese: She most definitely did. You know, she came in wanting to work on her drinking problem. Cool, whatever. But seeing her get wasted day in and day out and then blame her actions on alcohol and apologize to everyone and then do the same thing over and over was exhausting. Meanwhile, she had four girls trying to help her through it and then she leaves without saying goodbye, trashes us in her final confessional, and says she left the house with no friends on social media. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Anna: Kelli what are your thoughts on Taylor?

Kelli: I mean Agnese pretty much said it all. I tried to be there for her multiple times and she threw it right back in my face, so.

Anna: So you don’t want to be friends with her anymore? All three of ya’ll?

Agnese: I’m good. I don’t need nor do I want her friendship.

Vixen: She dug her own grave.

Kelli: I can’t continue with a one sided friendship. We had a bond and a level of trust with each other at one point and it’s just gone. Forever.

Anna: Thoughts Taylor?

Taylor just shrugs again.

Anna: Taylor you just don’t seem like you really care at all that you hurt them.

Taylor: What am I supposed to do?

Anna: I don’t know, apologize?

Taylor: I don’t feel like I owe them one!

Anna: What!? You don’t think you owe them an apology when they had your back the whole season, that is fucked up.

Taylor: They didn’t have my back! You weren’t there! You have no idea what really went down in the house.

Anna: I saw the show, though. The cameras don’t lie sweetie.

Taylor: I’m not arguing with the host this is stupid. Can we move on?

Anna: Gladly.

Taylor rolls her eyes.

Anna: Now I want to talk about something a little more taboo. Sex.

The audience cheers.

Anna: There were some interesting hook ups that went down this season, Vixen and Kayleigh being one we have already discussed. Kelli, you had a little boo thing named Roger.

Kelli: I did!

Anna: How far did that ever go between you two?

Kelli: We went all the way *laughs*.

The twins scowl in disgust while Agnese claps and laughs.

Anna: Were there real feelings there or no? ‘Cause ya’ll were fucking around for a minute.

Kelli: I mean I did legitimately think he liked me at one point, but he turned out to be a thirsty ass dude! All the LA guys sucked!

Agnese: It’s true.

Anna: Well, outside of Kelli and Tracee, nobody else was able to pull a dude this season! Why?

Shannon: Well as you can see, I had someone back home *rubs her belly*.

Anna: Yes girls! What about you Shannade?

Shannade: I just don’t have time to be in a relationship. I’m too busy chasing the bag sis. Boss bitches don’t have time for commitment. They just get a little dick and move on.

Perri: Really? That’s the kind of life you want to live though?

Anna: What are you saying Perri?

Perri: I just couldn’t imagine being this age and just fucking around for fun. That’s the shit I did in high school and when I was 18/19 years old.

Anna: So you’re all for commitment.

Perri: Hell yeah! I want to settle down and have kids and a marriage. I want to be a family woman.

Shannade: And you can want that! But don’t hate on me because I’m about my business and don’t want that shit.

Perri rolls her eyes.

Shannade: Keep rolling your eyes.

Anna: What is going on here? Ya’ll have been going at it all night.

Shannade: I don’t even know this bitch, but she came out here slick having an attitude.

Perri: I never had an attitude!

Shannon: But you did! You did a little bit!

Perri: I’m done arguing with you, it’s dumb! Can we finish this damn reunion?

Anna: Well ladies, I think we have just about covered most of the juicy details that went down this season. We did lose a couple girls along the way and unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it tonight.

Kelli: Love you Aria!

Anna: Don’t forget Helen, don’t do Helen like that.

Agnese: Who?

Everyone laughs.

Agnese: ...No I’m dead ass.

Anna: Anyways, knowing what you all know now, would you do the Bad Girls Club all over again? Let’s start with you Perri.

Perri: I would. I would definitely want to start from the beginning and get the full experience. A week didn’t really do it for me.

Anna: Taylor?

Taylor: I’m good.

Anna: You wouldn’t do it again?

Taylor: I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life. I can deal without all the ratchetness.

Anna: Fair enough. Vixen?

Vixen: I’m always down for a good party. Count me in.

Anna: Would you change anything?

Vixen: I don’t think so, no.

Anna: You would do everything the same? Even the tea?

Vixen: Oh yeah I wouldn’t have thrown the damn tea on Kayleigh *laughs*.

Anna: Autumn?

Autumn: Of course! Again, like Perri said I would want to start from the beginning as an original.

Anna: Agnese?

Agnese: It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the doors it’s opened, but the Bad Girls Club was not a fun experience a lot of the time. Even though I stayed out of a lot of the drama it was still a very hostile environment.

Anna: So you wouldn’t do it again?

Agnese: I don’t know. I’d have to think about it.

Anna: Okay. Kelli?

Kelli: Yeah. I had a blast. I never in a million years thought I’d get to do anything like this, so I would do it again 110%.

Anna: Twins?

Shannon: Not anymore since I’m expecting! I have other priorities now.

Anna: Of course! Shannade?

Shannade: I love a good TV appearance! I feel like my stay was cut way too short, but I would love to do it again, so.

Anna: Awesome. Well ladies, I think that about does it for season one. You bitches definitely set the bar high for future bad girls. But we all know who the baddest bitch is! Yes, that’s me.

The crowd laughs.

Anna: Signing off, I’m Anna Jones. Goodnight everybody!

The girls clap. The audience claps. Everyone starts hugging and going their separate ways.

Perri doesn’t really interact with anyone. She stays seated with her arms crossed as she waits for the security to clear out of the stage.

Shannade goes over to hug Anna. After she hugs her, she rushes towards Perri who is still seated.

Benze - Shannade
Shanae - Perri

After security pulls Shannade off, she is quickly pulled off stage.

Anna: REALLY!? The reunion was done!

Perri: What the FUCK! You ratchet ass bitch! I will fuck you up!

Agnese: That wasn’t right.

Kelli: Not at all.

Shannon has exited the stage too.

Perri: Why do these bitches keep playing me today!??!?

Anna: Perri, chill. I know how you feel.

Perri is in tears. Stressed from the day’s events.

Backstage, Shannon and Shannade are in their dressing room.

Shannade: That’s what bitches who talk shit get! Bye biiiiiiiitch!

Shannon: BGC season one is DONEZO!

All of the girls eventually make their way backstage and into their dressing rooms.

Kelli: BGC! It’s been real. Thank you for the experience!

Agnese: Some bitches needed disciplined tonight, but it was still a very fulfilling reunion!

Perri: Even though I got snuck and jumped today, I can still say I am a better woman than half of the bitches. I’m out this bitch.

Anna: What a crazy night! I will see you all for Bad Girls Club Season Two! My inside sources tell me these girls are tearing it apart down South in Savannah, Georgia. Lord help us. Until next time, Bad Girls Club! It’s a wrap.



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